Thursday is the new Friday

Hurrah, huzzah and three cheers all round. It may only be Thursday but as far as I’m concerned it’s the end of the working week. We are taking Friday off for a long weekend away and the thought of not going into the office tomorrow has me as a giddy as a schoolgirl at the beginning of the summer hols.
Or maybe that’s the second large glass of red talking (Maestre de Campo, from Fountainhead – soft, fruity, light yet almost chocolatey, very smooth and no real tannins. I’m allowed to drink because I propose to do no work whatsoever between now and Sunday. Even I am not such a lighweight that I will still have a hangover on Sunday.)
Whatever the cause of my newfound euphoria, the good news is that tomorrow morning will not entail being woken, with a jump and a cry of ‘WTF?!’, by my new, extremely loud, olde fashionede, tickinge, winde uppe alarme clocke that I went to considerable effort to track down because I loathe radio alarm clocks with a passion and a vengeance. I’d like to say it will certainly involve sleeping in, but that’s not the case either since the husband has an alarming habit of leaping out of bed at ungodly hours and then luring me out by placing a mug of coffee just beyond reach. Just as the scent of gravy brought home the wandering Bisto Kids, so the morning coffee aroma will draw me to the dresser.
The morning will certainly entail a reasonably leisurely date with the cafetiere, perhaps accompanied by a bit of home made toast, and even (dare I hope?) a shot of reading the shiny new fiction-treat I bought for this very weekend. Followed by packing, acquiring snacks for the journey, stopping at Dunkin’ Donuts for a medium cappuccino and then heading off in an entirely opposite direction to that usually taken on a Friday morning. I say again: hurrah, huzzah and three cheers all round.
I am a huge fan of the extended weekend away. I think a bit of effort and a day of vacation nets you a break that can feel as though you have been away for much longer than is the case, all on account of a change of scene. There is also something particularly liberating about setting off on a trip when everyone else is at work. I crave newness and a break from routine, and just about now, when I’m becoming so bored with all possible permutations of the route to work that even audiobooks can’t distract me, a weekend away is exactly what’s required. We have no particular plans for our time away other than to be elsewhere, and that is fine by me.

Author: musingsfromthesofa

I've run out of books. Again.

2 thoughts on “Thursday is the new Friday”

  1. You should try this more often. I do it every week. My colleagues have invented a funny nickname for my weekly wednesday-off: ‘mid-week’ (sic). When I come back on thursday mornings, I often hear ‘how was you mid-week?’.

    PS: ‘I loathe radio alarm clocks with a passion and a vengeance’. I used to have one in university, tuned to a news network. It was set for the 7:00 news. I dumped it after three months when I realised my gloomy mood was probably more related to being waken up by a litany of death tolls and catastrophes than it was to the rainy autumn weather.

  2. I would love to take more time off, but my company is not that flexible. The work could perfectly well be managed, of course. I want to go and work for Best Buy, who, at their HQ have entirely scrapped the standard office day. As long as all the work happens, people are free to work where and when they like.

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