Sitting on a chaise longue, eating bonbons… or not

So far this year:

Green Card – check
Dissertation – check
3-day, 60 mile walk – Ok, I only did 30 miles due to ridiculous heat, but it’s still off the list

So now that my achievements for the year are out of the way, sitting on a chaise longue eating bonbons is my plan from now until December. Said plan would be helped along enormously if we actually owned a chaise longue, upholstered in a divinely decadent and slightly tacky deep red velvet, supported on claw feet and with a frame elaborately carved of some dark Victorian wood that smells of beeswax. Next to it, on a small table would be a pretty, chased silver bell and whenever I wanted something – an extra cushion, more or less light, another bonbon dish full of sweets, another pot of Lapsang Souchong – I would ring the bell and a Jeevesish figure would shimmer into the room, hand me the item before I even requested it, bow, and then shimmer out to continue in the important business of anticipating my every whim and wish.

Ah well, back to moulding the corner of the Ikea sofa to my shape. Where are all those great, fat books I was so eager to get my hands on when I didn’t have the time…? Oh look, there they are, in a lovely tempting pile… Except, no, I’m not in the mood for volume 3 of male angst, or anything for which the blurb includes the words ‘profoundly moving’, particularly if it’s in a post-apocalyptic setting. Maybe that one… but then, I already know she shouldn’t have married him. Ok, what about that new translation of the Aeneid… wait, more classics? I think not. Hmm. Ok, perhaps if I get up and go to the kitchen, by the time I come back some more books will have appeared.

(Gets up and goes to kitchen. No more books appear.)

Right, well, what about that one, the audio book was great? Yes, but I only listened to the audio book a few months ago, I should probably wait a bit longer. Curses, I wish that Library Thing review copy had arrived, it’s exactly what I want to read right now. Maybe it’ll turn up in time for the weekend. Ooh, my Amazon order is shipping, then I’ll have something to read. Yes, but remember this is Amazon US, not Amazon UK, shipping takes days. Bugger.

This is ridiculous, I’ll just pick something. I’ll just have to get started and then I’ll fall right into it… Maybe I’ll just make a cup of tea though, first, then I can get straight on with the reading. Oh, and I should do some laundry. And perhaps iron something for work, I can’t go in looking like a bag lady again. Probably. Or can I? I could bake something, Mike would like that. I wonder if we have any ingredients…


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I've run out of books. Again.

2 thoughts on “Sitting on a chaise longue, eating bonbons… or not”

  1. Isn’t it amazing how when you finally have some time on your hands, it can be so difficult to find anything satisfactory to do with it? Hope you’ve now found something delicious to read.

  2. I finally settled back with The Forsyte Saga, and a quick trip to the bookshop last night lined up The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and another Sharpe novel. And then, I think, I can face Kristin Lavrandsdatter

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