Half past what?

Quick note. Got up unfeasibly early this morning, dashed back and forth between platforms before catching train, and spent most of day in orientation. Now know where fire exits, photocopiers and fax machines are, although cannot recall last time I needed to use any of them. In fact, do people still use fax machines? What on earth for?

However, do not know where water coolers are, which is more of a problem because the new office is boiling; I think my eyeballs may have been slightly simmered in their sockets. Or is that a symptom of getting up at ridiculous o’clock? Now have new sympathy for Wilfred Thesiger.

But, in general, day went fine. Now must sleep.


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I've run out of books. Again.

7 thoughts on “Half past what?”

  1. Congrats on making through the first day in good shape.

    Find the water coolers before the chronic dehydration acts up again!

    Sweet dreams!

  2. Congratulations on learning so much on your first day! Now, to find that water cooler…

    And yes, I’m always extremely surprised when someone asks me for a fax number.

  3. you know why they haven’t shown you the water cooler – they don’t want you to find out all their secrets just yet!
    V glad to hear all went well love. Look forward to hearing all about it at the weekend. When you’ve finally woken up of course.

  4. Thanks all! Feeling much better today, look, it’s 8.40pm and I’m still awake!

    Still haven’t found the water cooler and am now wondering if as part of the ‘Green Initiative’ there is no such thing. There is a strange looking device in the kitchen that looks as though it might dispense hot and cold water, perhaps I’ll give that a go.

    Emily – if someone actually asked me to send them a fax I think I would just look politely baffled until they came to their senses.

    Dave – will definitely be around at the weekend, and have finished Korsun! My time is my own. MC will be away too.

  5. Glad the first day orientation went well.

    Um, I recently faxed my brother my NCAA bracket because he didn’t have access to email where he was…

  6. Glad to hear things are going well! And I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks fax machines are all but extinct. I’ve never had the need for one, and oddly, this week alone I have gotten no fewer than 3 fax requests. I checked the phone number/email addresses, just to make sure they weren’t from 1998.

    GL with the water situation!

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