A confession: eco-justice challenge failure

Alas. Complete and miserable failure so far. In fact, I forgot about the challenge entirely (although, in my defence, I forgot everything apart from my own name when I was on holiday. There were various surprises for me when I got back, one of which was realising that I had cunningly hidden the laptops and iPods while we were away, if only I could remember where…)

I hadn’t found an appropriate book to read for the challenge until about 3 minutes ago when shame forced me to do some research.  So I think I’ll pick up ‘Collapse’ by Jared Diamond, because he is brilliant and I loved ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’, and I saw him lecture once at Oxford and he was incredible.

We have not been having a lights out night; and lord alone knows where our food is coming from, because I don’t buy it or cook it, I just wolf it down when it appears in front of me. Time to pick up that gauntlet again. Sorry, Emily.


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I've run out of books. Again.

3 thoughts on “A confession: eco-justice challenge failure”

  1. Just a warning: I loooooved Guns, Germs, and Steel, and Collapse disappointed me. I think I went in with too high expectations. So jealous of you seeing him lecture though!

  2. Eva – thanks for the warning! Maybe I will look around a little further.

    Emily – we missed the first delivery from the co-op, though. But we’re all set for tomorrow’s pickup.

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