Happy Guy Fawke’s Day!

And let us just be thankful that the wicked plot did not succeed in blowing up the Houses of Parliament, or London would be less one Major Tourist Attraction.

I will be celebrating with friends on Saturday, and there will be fireworks, mulled cider and treacle tart. Apparently also real food too, but mostly I am interested in the treacle tart and hoping it comes with lashings of custard in best Famous Five fashion. In fact, we may simultaneously be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary. Four years! My good fortune in marrying someone who was happy to have a crap wife; and his in marrying someone who says ‘Yes, yes, go and watch the baseball in a bar, I’m reading’.

Meanwhile I am still packing for Charleston, which I appear to have been doing all morning. This is particularly sad I as I am really only there for one day, but I have been completely thrown by the need to deal with temperature in the mid to high 70s again. I thought all that was behind me, and had entirely and happily forgotten about warm weather clothing that also works in freezing air-conditioning.

Argh. There was also the bit where I packed the Mac, something to read, both iPods, a couple of new audiobooks and my gym clothes, thought I was almost done and realised that I had not dealt with what I would wear to the presentation that is the whole point of the trip.  There goes work getting in the way of life again.


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I've run out of books. Again.

7 thoughts on “Happy Guy Fawke’s Day!”

  1. I might need a translator for the first paragraph and a half of your post — it is so bloody British!

    You are not a crap wife, you are just, like me, domestically disabled. You are a wonderful wife and Mike is quite lucky. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  2. Okay, I read ‘crap wife’ as ‘crab wife’, which made me all, “Does she walk sideways? Is she a Cancer? Does she pinch people?” But, anyway, happy anniversary! In my experience, the first few years were the most adjustment-filled, although I don’t think I could ever get used to living with a pinching, sideways-walking spouse.

  3. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have lovely celebrations and enjoy the treacle tart. I didn’t realise it was part of traditional Guy Fawkes Night celebrations, although my son would undoubtedly campaign for it to be part of any celebration! Perhaps you should pack some for Charleston…?

  4. Raych – thanks for all the woooooos!
    ZM – Sorry. I’ll translate next time we catch up. Thank you!
    Ella – that is very funny. Even though I am not a crab wife, I think there have been plenty of adjustments.
    Litlove – Thank you. As for Guy Fawkes, I think the treacle tart is generic Britishness, and we are using the evening as an excuse. There are rumours we may watch ‘Carry on Cleo’ to round the night off…

  5. Oh, that last paragraph is SO me. A belated Happy Guy Fawkes (you lucky British getting both Halloween and Guy Fawkes so close together) and Happy Anniversary, from someone who knew Mike was in for a decidedly not-crap wife before she even knew you.

  6. Emily – thanks! And I encourage you to take up Guy Fawkes day too, to get you over the disappointment that there’s no more Halloween for another year.

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