Connecticut 3 – Charleston 0

Home again, thank goodness, where things are spookily the same as I left them. I have to keep reminding myself that I was only away for a couple of days, although the weight of my luggage suggests otherwise. You will be surprised to learn that I got out of town with only the one new pair of shoes, resisting the platform soled, 4-inch metallic gladiator sandals. (That I am now regretting and will attempt to track down online.)

I finished both my books before I got on the ‘plane back, but couldn’t find anything else to read because Charleston has only a dodgy Waldenbooks and the airport was even worse. So I ended up with a copy of Elle, which at least had the compulsory article on Daniel Craig (albeit rather insufficiently illustrated if you ask me). Finally, I was reduced to looking through Delta’s Skymall magazine, which was absolutely chockfull of things I can’t imagine anyone wanting. Except for ‘The Wonderwoman bracelet‘, of course, because we all want one of those. The use of the definite article in these catalogues is marvellous: all the items are labelled ‘The genuine Turkish robe’ or ‘The unique Donegal wool long johns’. I think it’s supposed to suggest exclusivity, but repeated use of ‘the’ for every single item just starts to make it sound a bit foreign and strange. 

What I hadn’t seen before was ‘the page of Harry Potter stuff’. Genuine reproduction wands, with display cases; a lovingly handcrafted version of the Marauder’s Map; the earrings Hermione wore to the winter ball one year; one of Hedwig’s feathers turned into a quill pen; there was even a knock-off fake Horcrux locket, which in it’s own mad way is rather brilliant. A fake fake. Love it.

[One of the items in that list was made up by me, by the way. There is no reward for spotting which one, just the thrill of the intellectual challenge.]

Anyway, surely the point of wands and magic maps is, well, the magic. Take that away and you’ve basically got a stick and some paper. I’m all for the power of imagination, but if anyone has that much imagination can’t they find their own stick and pretend it’s a wand? The reality of a non-magical magical artefact, and one that can be ordered via a catalogue at that, would bring the whole imaginary world crashing around my ears.

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I've run out of books. Again.

5 thoughts on “Connecticut 3 – Charleston 0”

  1. I’m voting for Hermione’s earrings as being the Musings-inspired item. But I love the thought of Harry Potter artefacts. I agree about the wand – do you remember when Star Wars merchandise was all the rage and you could buy ‘genuine’ light sabres which grown men longed to wield going ”whooosh…swooosh’ etc? The harry potter version could inspire terrible wand envy in its possessor, I fear.

  2. I have no idea about the Harry Potter item that is fake, but I would love to have “The Wonder Woman Bracelet.”

    Do share a picture of the gladiator sandals if you find them online.

  3. The fake item is the quill pen made from one of Hedwig’s feathers.

    Litlove – You know, you can still get light sabres. The male fascination with things that go ‘whooosh…. swooosh’ has survived well into adulthood, it seems.

    Zoesmom – I think you should get one of those bracelets. Found the sandals and decided against them. Probably.

    Ella – Exactly! In fact, I’d pay for that and take Elle as a freebie.

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