Reading plans

I need a meme! In lieu of which and because I’m very tired after a long hike and am therefore heading off to another cup of tea and a wodge of gingerbread, I shall list this week’s expected reading:

  • The Razor’s Edge – W Somerset Maugham
  • Crampton Hodnett – Barbara Pym (just in from Bethel bookshop, who ordered it for me) [Update: read today on the train]
  • The Haunting of Hill House – Shirley Jackson, ‘cos it’s cropped up all over the place as a good, spooky read. [Update: read last night]
  • The Likeness – Tana French (audio)

Meanwhile, the countdown begins to availability of Dr Who Season 4 on November 18. Ah, happy place.


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I've run out of books. Again.

5 thoughts on “Reading plans”

  1. Dorothy – So far, I can recommend The Haunting and Crampton Hodnet (although A Glassful of Blessings was better).

  2. Huh…guess you’ve been too busy with this whole NaBloPoMo stuff to get it on the list with your thoughts (or else it’s early in the morning, and I’m too brain dead to see it on the list).

  3. Emily – it’ll get there, you’re right that I haven’t had chance. That 2008 reading list page gets a mass update periodically and is a little overdue.

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