Time vanishes

So, I didn’t post yesterday which makes two days I have missed so far.  But you know what? I had a lovely dinner and a spot of wine with Zoesmom, and Zoe, and  Zoesdad and Zoesmom’smom instead and I am not remotely apologetic or guilty. Ha!

I don’t know what is happening to my time this week, but I swear that as I walk into the house, a couple of hours waltz out the back door and are blown away by the same gust of wind that will later be rattling the windows so hard I fear that the glass will fall out in the middle of the night and we will freeze to death.

Yes. It is one of those weeks.

I had a nice, long post that I drafted yesterday lunchtime, and I definitely mean to pick up on the suggestions you kindly people made. Just not now.


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I've run out of books. Again.

3 thoughts on “Time vanishes”

  1. The family of Zoe really enjoyed your company for dinner and apologizes to the NaBloPoMo community. Not really.

    I just wish the hours disappeared at work as quickly as they do at home or at play.

    And please don’t freeze to death!

  2. I’m having one of those sorts of weeks, too. It’s Thursday (for all intents and purposes) already??!! And I think spending time with Zoe and her extended family is far preferable to worrying about NaBloPoMo.

  3. Zoesmom – the windows are now covered with plastic to minimise the chances of freezing to death.

    Emily – I hope your weekend at least slows down.

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