Hope in a jar

That is the name of my new moisturiser and it seems such an entirely apposite name. Not ‘Age Defying Renewal Cream’ or ‘Instant Youth Hypermoisture Tincture’, or anything else that peddles a pack of lies. Hope. In a jar. No promises or lures, it tells you exactly what you’re buying and I find that straightforwardness quite pleasing. After all, that little jar does contain hopes: for a smoother, softer, fresher, clearer face. Else no one would bother. Alas, how rarely do other products deliver, instead failing to live up to their hype and resolutely refusing to make one look like a a well-preserved actress, the sort of woman about whom people say, ‘Doesn’t  she look good for her age? I hope I look like that when I’m [insert age that currently seems uninimaginably older here]’

My own hope that is contained in the jar is that the moisturiser will fend off the effects of the arctic wind that lightly scoured my face this morning.


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6 thoughts on “Hope in a jar”

  1. Fripperies and nonsense indeed (in the nicest possible way). Hope in a jar would be welcome down here, as would the arctic wind. Our dry South-Easter is not pleasant today. (Sorry can’t resist a little random aside here. If you’re anything like your house in the pic above then you are stately and magnificent 😉 I guess not the first adjectives one would choose but, anyway …)

  2. Pete – The arctic wind has temporarily gone, so maybe it’s on its way over to you for a quick visit. Stately and magnificent, you say? I think that may be something to aspire to!
    (And I must ‘fess that we do not have the whole house, just the top floor.)

    Marcy – That is funny! We are the same person.

  3. Since you look like you’re all of about 18 now, I’m sure that when you reach [insert age that currently seems uninimaginably older here], you might begin to look like you’re 25. I love the idea of “Hope in a Jar.” If I weren’t already addicted to my own moisturizer, I’d be tempted to switch. If only all companies were so honest.

  4. I’d like some hope in a jar, please. I’ve got lots of uses for it, not just applying it to my face (though god knows I need some hope there – I turn 40 next March). It sounds wonderful!

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