This is how old I am

From Emily and Zoesmom and Charlotte.

  1. I remember that period in the 1970s when we didn’t have electricity all the time and would congregate at a neighbour’s house with candles for the evening. It was great fun for the kids but must have been as annoying as hell for the adults.
  2. I spilt orange squash down the front of my long party dress at the street party for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.
  3. I remember the BBC testcard; and the launch of Channel 4.
  4. A 10p mix up got you a good amount of sweets.
  5. Robinson’s Jam still used a gollywog as their mascot.
  6. We got free bottles of milk at school. In summer it was warm, in winter it had ice floating in it. Every one in class took turns to be milk monitors and hand out the small blue straws.
  7. Tom Baker was my Doctor Who. Then he did Book Tower.
  8. I wore a ra-ra skirt.
  9. For my 15th birthday, my friends and I went to see Desperately Seeking Susan at the new triple screen cinema on the Bristol Road in Birmingham.
  10. I was the first year to take GCSEs. There were no A* grades.
  11. I got paid 1 pound an hour for a job doing the filing in a local insurance office.
  12. River Island was still Chelsea Girl and Concept Man.
  13. The first mobile phone I saw in regular use was on ‘Challenge Anneka’.
  14. I went to Manchester University when the city was known as Madchester, and I still didn’t go to the Hacienda. The soundtrack to my first year at uni was The Stone Roses, the La’s, James, early Blur, The Soup Dragons, EMF.
  15. The government still means tested and gave a university grant. Top up loans were introduced in my final year and you could borrow about 700 pounds.
  16. The Boots that I worked in one Christmas was bombed by the IRA after closing time one night.
  17. I didn’t really use a computer until my first job. There was no email. There was no internet. I did a lot of photocopying, faxing and writing business letters.
  18. When Diana died it turned out everyone loved her and it wasn’t acceptable not to be devastated. I did not know what had happened to the country.
  19. I remember Philip Schofield from Children’s ITVBBC.
  20. My mum kept Wall’s Viennetta in the freezer.

Author: musingsfromthesofa

I've run out of books. Again.

7 thoughts on “This is how old I am”

  1. Oh my, my brother had a cuddly gollywog when we were little, and I have vivid memories of Challenge Anneka. I also remember Philip Scofield – he was on the BBC, though, no? My best friend had the hugest crush on him. I rather liked Gordon the Gopher.

  2. You’re right, BBC. I never liked Gordon the Gopher I’m sorry to say, I’m not a big fan of puppets. Although, oh my goodness, I just rememberd Michael Bentine’s Potty Time.

  3. This all sounds scarily familiar! I remember when Marc Bolan had a late afternoon TV show which I used to watch when I got home from school. And I remember the summer that Paper Roses and Seasons in the Sun were in the charts for ever. And then there were Spangles…..

  4. Emily – I suspect it was CSEs and O-levels when you were over. GCSEs replaced both in 1988.

    Bride – I remember both those songs too! And Spangles. Goodness, it’s frightening how once you start so many details start trickling back.

  5. Oh do I remember “Desperately Seeking Susan.” You were quite lucky to get to go for your 15th birthday. I wasn’t allowed to see it. My step-father dis-approved of Madonna.

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