In praise of high heels

The snow had just cleared, and today it snowed and my car slalomed up the hill to the house and we have another inch of snow on the ground. So, back to boots it is. But just for a few days I was beginning to think I could let my heels out of their boxes (you thought I didn’t keep my shoes neatly stacked in their boxes?). Soon, my pretties, soon. Meanwhile, here are 10 reasons I like high heels, in no particular order:

  1. They are pretty. Look at the lines of a good pair of stilettos. Admire the curves. They are artworks in their own right.
  2. I like the silhouette of heels worn with long, bootcut or wide-legged pants.
  3. Bright coloured shoes, or shoes with features (be they rosettes, jewels, or just a great pattern) can brighten up the dullest outfit. I know this because I wear some of the dullest outfits and I depend on my shoes on those occasions.
  4. They are fun and frivolous and they can cheer me up when I am miserable. And sometimes they are even practical too!
  5. Heels give me additional height, which gives me additional presence at work, which means men can’t have conversations that are literally over my head. Because I may be as tall or taller than them when you add my natural 5’8 to 3 inch heels. Ha!
  6. Even if you aren’t feeling confident, heels provide the illusion that you are. Especially if you are already tall without heels.
  7. I have heard of workplace rules against flip-flops, but not against heels. What would the reason be? They make you too tall? They are too sexy? In the eye of the beholder, my friend.
  8. They are sexy. Of course they’re sexy. They are even sexier if they are high and pointy. 
  9. Even on the most formal of occasions you can get away with something fancy in the shoe department and no one will dare complain. On the least formal of occasions you can throw on good shoes and no one will complain that you are overdressed.
  10. They generate compliments. 

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12 thoughts on “In praise of high heels”

  1. I agree with your whole list! Except I’m 5’3″ barefoot, so no amount of stiletto is going to make me the same height as most men. 😉

  2. I am so, so ready to be done with my boots for the year and break out the heels! I agree with your whole list and I am thankful so far wearing heels doesn’t bother me at all – in fact, I can walk around in them all day long.

  3. Eva – Fair point. Oh well, but then you have the whole petite thing going for you.
    Courtney – me too! And I am also lucky in that I have heels that are wearable for a day. At least, a day when I don’t have to work further than from my desk to the printer and back.
    Charlotte – If you only wear heels on special occasions they must be even more of a treat,
    Bloglily – If you find some, let me know!

  4. My big goal in life right now is to create more heel-worthy occasions. Unfortunately one cannot carry a baby and also wear two-inch black patent leather wedges.

  5. I am absolutely sick to death of all my boots and cannot wait to take out all my lovely shoes again. I have to agree with this entire list, but I am sure you knew I would.

  6. Ella – I can see that would be a problem. Good luck in finding suitable occasions, or if all else fails, creating your own.

    ZM – Of course!

  7. I love heels, too, but I wish someone would invent some that truly keep the sexy while figuring out how to make them comfortable to wear for eight hours. Meanwhile, you lucky dog (and I’m with Eva) when it comes to the whole height thing. I’d have to climb on stilts in order to look down on most men. And well, you can’t (at least, if you’re born with coordination like mine) do that AND wear heels.

  8. Emily – I hear that Manolos are very comfortable but I doubt I will ever be able to afford a pair to find out.
    The funny thing re me being tall is that I only found out within the last few years. I never thought I was tall before. I never usually notice, I just think I’m the same height as the people I’m with unless they are looking down on me.

  9. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of this book and I just looked through my journal of everything I’ve read in the last 11 years. Yup, I’m a total geek. But it was one of those books about a dysfunctional family in the Ya-Ya years. One of my favorite lines (and of course I’m paraphrasing here) is when the mother says to her daughter, “If God hadn’t meant us to wear high heels, he wouldn’t have made our legs look so good in them!”

  10. Di – I love that! A friend of mine also used to say ‘If God had meant us to iron t-shirts, he wouldn’t have given us boobs!’

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