I can has fotos

I call this composition: Kate Spade and Coach. Now, if only the weather would jolly well hurry up and get warm enough for me to wear those shoes. Shoes, which, obviously, are crying out for a new pair of dark wash jeans to go with them.

Yes, I am a lousy photographer. Photos are not really part of my world, and I’m so uninterested in cameras. I am even less interested now that the ridiculous mini-CD that came with this cheapo special (the only camera in the store that cost less had Hanna Montana all over it) has got stuck in my disk drive and the Mac doesn’t even know that it’s there.

I got my new shoes on and everything's gonna be fine











PS If you look closely, you will see that those shoes are actually very sensible, because they have only the tiniest of heels. They are practically flats.


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I've run out of books. Again.

6 thoughts on “I can has fotos”

  1. Ooh, yes very sensible. I must post some photos of all my sensible shoes – especially my new ones for the wedding in South Africa. Like yours, they are also practically flat.

    And I am with you on cameras – boring. All I care is that they work.

  2. Zoesmom and Tracie – well, ok then, you twisted my arm. But only if you guys also have some shoes to show off.

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