England by the numbers

I’m back, I’m jetlagged, I’m still at the stage where being in England felt like my real life and being back in the US feels like dislocation. The holiday was marvellous from the second I stepped off the ‘plane and was surrounded by people speaking English with English accents. It was instantly relaxing, as though a whole load of secondary tension that I’m mostly not even aware of slid away immediately and I could go back to being normal again.

Despite the fact that in my rush to send out information I had given Dave entirely the wrong flight details, she was there to pick us up from the airport. Earlier in the day she had also collected the keys to our rented cottage, and bless her if she hadn’t done a quick shop as well. Teabags, milk, juice, water, bagels, bread, marmite, raspberry jam, biscuits – all the essentials ready for us so we didn’t have to worry about it being Sunday morning when we woke up.

  • Walks along canal path: 4
  • Walks along river path: 1
  • Visits to White Horse Hill: 1
  • Days of rain: 2 definite, 3 showering and threatening
  • Days of sunshine: 2 (+ 2 absolutely glorious days when I was in the office, of course)
  • Castles visited: 1
  • Palaces visited in rain: 1
  • Pairs of Winston Churchill’s slippers seen: 1
  • Cream teas at the Randolph: 1
  • Restaurants eaten in: 7 (The White Hart, The Trout, Gees, Portabello, Branca, Browns, The Big Bang)
  • Packets of McVities Chocolate Digestives eaten: 1
  • Glasses of champagne/prosecco drunk: hic!
  • Pounds gained from eating and drinking out for every single meal: Who cares?
  • Friends seen: 15
  • Friends bumped into entirely at random in Botley chippy: 1
  • Portions of chips scoffed: 1
  • Dr Who Easter Specials watched: 1
  • Books bought: 7 (We Danced All Night, Martin Pugh; Little Brother, Cory Doctorow; The Midnight Folk, John Masefield; The Twelve and the Genii, Pauline Clarke; The Rain Before it Falls, Jonathan Coe; Austerity Britain, David Kynaston)
  • Lovely old Penguin books bought from second hand bookstore: 2 (The Echoing Grove, Rosamund Lehmann; Juan in America, Eric Linklater)
  • Books still unread by return home: 3
  • Newspaper crosswords completed: 2
  • Newspapers read: 0
  • Keys not my own that are now in CT: 2 (sorry Dave, will put in post)
  • Mornings husband had to walk over to Costa in Summertown to get coffee before he could face starting the day: 6
  • Reasons to stay in England: Innumerable

Author: musingsfromthesofa

I've run out of books. Again.

7 thoughts on “England by the numbers”

  1. This sounds so lovely! The weather here continues to be gorgeous at the moment. You probably saw what will constitute our summer!

  2. It was fab, if a bit busier than I’d expected. But even that was ok because it was so entirely stress free. And Litlove, my last evening there definitely felt like summer!

  3. Welcome back! Sounds like it was a fabulous trip. No trip that includes a visit to a castle and a cream tea can possibly be anything but fantastic. I’ll be curious to see what you think of Juan in America. I LOVE that book, which, besides being very funny, proves that America hasn’t changed much at all since it was written.

  4. Emily – I think you would have enjoyed it. The cream tea is a marvellous institution, especially from somewhere as upscale as the Randolph. Plenty of teeny tiny cakes.

    Ruth – you too, m’dear. Although you were looking disappointingly unhaggard for a (relatively) new parent!

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