Friday lessons learned

I am totally stealing this idea from Zoesmom, so credit where it is due.

  • I can get through an entire day on the strength of one low-fat yoghurt if I am busy enough to be distracted from the hunger. But then I will really have to eat at dinner.
  • An inanimate object can make you feel guilty. I bought a poppet, it it is on my desk at work. It will stare reproachfully at me on Monday because I left it there all weekend. 
  • Half hour intensive workouts at the gym are way better than an hour of dragging it out in desultory fashion.
  • Deliberately setting out to go to Borders is a guilt-free shopping trip, because even though I plan to spend money, the store will not have whatever it is I was after. Do they have no stock because they are going bankrupt? Or are they going bankrupt because they have no stock?
  • Not saying goodbye at all is better than saying goodbye and ‘I’ll see you next year’.
  • Thursdays are the new Friday: because summer hours started

Author: musingsfromthesofa

I've run out of books. Again.

3 thoughts on “Friday lessons learned”

  1. Your poor poppet, stuck at the office all weekend! Borders, unfortunately, is never guilt-free for me. Even if they have NOTHING I want, I will always manage to find something (last time, not being able to find even one of the ten different books I had in mind, it was a blank journal, which I needed like a hole in the head, but I liked its insect theme).

  2. I always manage to find something at Border’s too. Like people I know!

    I totally agree about the not saying goodbye thing and I think poppet probably enjoyed the chance to root through other people’s filing cabinets or hard drives.

  3. I was in two Borders this week, each with many empty shelves. I couldn’t help but ask the clerk at one if they were getting rid of books to make room for more non-book merchandise. I was pleased to hear that they were actually ordering more stock as a corporate effort to “get back to their roots” of selling books. I so wanted to ask
    “Real books? Or just aisles and aisles of joke books, sports books, celebrity diets and Jodi Piccoult?” Sigh. I want to live somewhere near a real bookstore.

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