Just past half-yearly update

So I appear to have fairly lax on the blogging front of late, which I shall ascribe to being busy and then tired. And then last week I went to California rather unexpectedly, for work, during which I had no free time at all but did stay in a completely hilarious hotel with a marked 1950s feel to it. As my colleagues and I breakfasted in the chaos of the poolside restaurant one morning, we remarked on how well the location would have fitted into a Raymond Chandler novel. I half-expected to see a body face down in the lagoon every time I opened the curtains.

There now follows a random update on the important things in life:

  • Books. I’ve been reading a lot of them lately. I have somehow read 126 books so far this year, which is more than I usually get to in a full year. Giving myself carte blanche to book shop has been great fun. I think the highlights of the year, though, have been Little Bee, by Chris Cleave; Austerity Britain, by Austen Kark; The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, by Kate Summerscale; and the discovery of John Harvey’s DCI Charlie Resnick novels, from Bloody Brits Press. Also, I love the detective fiction book club I belong to. I thought university would be all hanging out with a bunch of intellectually challenging people and talking about books for hours, but it was more along the lines of drinking too much, watching Richard & Judy and arguing over who would make the tea. So, finally, there is bookclub as compensation.
  • Bags. Because although I don’t need any more, today I fell in love with this bag and promptly bought it. It is such a lovely autumn colour. I’m considering it an early birthday present from me to me. My other favourite bag of the year is a small clutch bag, the front of which shows the Union Jack in sequins. I would include a link but I’ve tried twice and my Mac keeps crashing. http://www.accessorize.co.uk if anyone is desperately interested.
  • Shoes. Oh, it’s been a very good shoe year, first because I’ve had two lucky strikes in a Coach half-price shoe sale, and then because I decided that purple 4-inch heels with a platform sole were perfectly appropriate for work. No one has really noticed the shoes, just the fact that every few days I am noticeably taller. Publishing – not as boring as you’d think. (Pretty close, though.) My next shoe purchase will be yellow Converse low tops, when I can find them in my size.
  • Quests. My average year doesn’t involve any quests, so this was a bit of a treat. Even more so because I accompanied Princess Marcy and Princess Emily. You may read about it here and here. There were no dragons and no knights, which is actually fine by me because I read both The Practical Princess and Other Liberating Fairy Tales and Pippi Longstocking stories when I was about 8 or 9, and realised if you want saving you may as well do it yourself.
  • Hair. Finally, at long fucking last, my hair appears to be that of a normal person again, in that it has reached sufficient length not to stick out in weird directions at every available opportunity. The acid test came today when I did not blow dry it and it turned out casually tousled and windswept, rather than ‘Who is that crazy lady with the wings on her head?’ Considering that a month ago I hated it with a passion and a vengeance and the only sensible solution seemed to be to chop off my entire head, this is a significant breakthrough.
  • Plans. Bring on my holiday in October! I’m thinking Mexico, beach, pool, fruity-but-lethal cocktails and bonkbuster novels. Currently still in pre-planning stage while I try to figure out where is least hurricane prone.

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I've run out of books. Again.

6 thoughts on “Just past half-yearly update”

  1. Well hey, that all sounds pretty fine! I am still laughing over your description of the Californian hotel! And 126 books is impressive. I am not worthy!! 🙂

  2. Charlotte – I keep forgetting about Etsy. And now I have a little wishlist on there again. There are some very nice bags!

    Litlove – The hotel was marvellous in so many ways. I wish I had photos. As for the books read, it is due to two solid hours of reading time a day, on the train. And on balance, I would swap the reading done for less travelling.

  3. Nicola – The link is now not going to the bag I actually bought. But the bag it does link to is lovely to (mine is the garnet bag in green). 55 books a year is excellent going! I have too much train time every day to fill, which really helps me.

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