Ms Musings presents: The First Annual Midwinter Book Giveaway

Right. I’m having a crappy week, as things around me go tits up in a variety of ways, to the point where I’m hoping that I am not the common denominator in all these mini-disasters. I need some winter cheering and nothing cheers me up like shopping. But it is not the time of year to be shopping for one’s self, and I do like buying presents and so I welcome you, dear readers, commenters and lurkers, to my First Annual Midwinter Book Giveaway. Could there be anything cheerier than knowing that a free book of your (somewhat restricted but we’ll get to that below) choice is on its way to you, to brighten the long winter evenings?

‘No, there could not!’, you chorus, along with ‘And how do we enter this book giveaway of which you speak?’

Couldn’t be easier, my poppets.

  1. Between now and December 20, peruse at your leisure my lists of books read for the last couple of years.
  2. Leave  a comment telling me which book you would like from those lists, and why. (There is no format restriction, so if I read it in hardback and it’s still in hardback, that’s what I’ll buy. There is likewise no location restriction. Where you are, your book will go.)
  3. On December 21 I will devise some random selection scheme, and select 5 random recipients.
  4. I will then notify said recipients via this blog, collect addresses, book shop, and send off lovingly handwrapped books to all five. I make no promises that they will be there by any particular time because how do I know you won’t select some fiendishly out of print title?

That’s it. I feel better now.


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I've run out of books. Again.

19 thoughts on “Ms Musings presents: The First Annual Midwinter Book Giveaway”

  1. Lovely idea, Ms Musings. I would love to read Rosy Thornton’s Hearts and Minds. I recently “met” her online at a writer’s forum and I think it’s time to read her books.

  2. I would love to either read or listen to The Scarlet Pimpernel. I listened to this a couple of days on NPR last year, but never quite enough to get the whole story. (Translated—- I want to know how this ends) .

  3. What a lovely person you are to do a giveaway to cheer yourself up! I do hope your week improves = just think, you are clearing all the evil karma out so that 2010 will get off to a fabulous start… I’m interested in Juan in America by Eric Linklater, because I’ve never heard of it and if you and Emily both enjoyed it, it must be a sure thing.

  4. Since you so kindly included lurkers, it will be fun to join! If I have to choose, I’d say the Lisa Jewell, which Emily also recommended to me, or a mystery. But if I were lucky enough to win, I might just ask for a special recommendation instead. I am desperate for a well-written (not cheesy) love story, with a happy ending, that does not involve war, famine, anyone dying, etc. And even if I don’t win, I’d love a recommendation anyway.

    Will send you a virtual big cup of tea in hopes your week gets better…

  5. I think I’ll say The Gone-Away World, since you liked it so much. Thanks for doing this give-away! It was fun to look through your book lists again.

  6. Oh, what fun, and what a wonderful idea! The problem is, I’m pretty sure I want almost every book on your list that you liked…Well, time to do some thinking and narrowing down, isn’t it? (I’ll get back to you with my choice before the deadline). I hope this coming week proves to be an improvement for you. I say 2009 has been a sucky year all-round, and it’s time to ring in the New Year.

    P.S. The Mars Bars and Fruit Pastilles (not even one bite shared with Bob), which arrived safe and sound, helped me tremendously as I try to get through the rest of this year.

  7. You’ve read some great books – I’d love to try another PD James book – Cover Her Face sounds good

  8. Just wanted to say, this is such a nice idea. I can’t justifiably enter, as I have a pile of books on my bedside table high enough that I worry sometimes I may be crushed in my sleep, and I have little or no time to read any of those, however I shall attempt to work my way through them and then enter next year…

  9. So far, so good! I commend your choices, chaps. Keep ’em coming.

    Debby, recommendations are free and I suggest Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson. It is a delightful, well written love story, happy ending, no war, famine, death or anything unpleasant. I have foisted it on loads of people and they’ve all liked it.

    Ruth – I certainly wouldn’t want to be responsible for your untimely death by books. Seems a shame though that you don’t have room for even the possibility of one more.

  10. ’tis a shame, but this time next year I am sure I will have a) control of my work, b) trained the boy to do housework, and c) moved to a larger house with more bookcases. So then I shall have adequate time and space to do justice to such a book, and will enter your next annual giveaway with glee! In fact, I shall add it to my list of reasons ‘why we need a bigger house’…

  11. Okay, I’ve made up my mind. Is it possible to get a copy of The Twelve and the Genii in this country without spending a fortune? If not, that’s what I’d like. If so, I’d like Sunshine (because I’ve spent too much time picking up books about vampires and being disappointed, but this one sounds like it really won’t disappoint).

  12. I meant, “if so, that’s what I’d like. If not…” (I wouldn’t want you to have to spend a fortune, unless, of course, that fortune means taking a trip to England specifically to buy the book…)

  13. I’m not a regular commenter on your blog, but when I saw The Corner That Held Them by Sylvia Townsend Warner on your list I felt I had to try my luck. I love STW’s writing and her books are rather hard to come by here in the Netherlands, at least the ones not being republished in the NYRB series, which AFAIK this one isn’t (yet?).

    Here’s hoping you don’t find me utterly shameless!

  14. Love your blog and this idea. I hope it does cheer you up.

    My pick is Tender Morsels. I read your review and the review by Raych and knew I needed to get the book on my TBR list. It sounds very intriguing, and it counts for the Printz Project.

    Thanks for the giveaway, and I can’t wait to hear more about your house hunting. Cheers.

  15. What a thoughtful idea. My choice is The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, as it sounds absolutely fascinating, and a perfect companion to my recent reading of The Moonstone. Also, considering my alias, it seems like a particularly appropriate choice!

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