New books

After my recent book drought, all of a sudden, a flood!  My company had a staff sale, at which we could get books for 75% off. So I did. And then a couple of others came my way as well. Thus I have been forced to put down Proust vol 3, on which I had just re-embarked, because Roxana is easier reading on the train.

Phineas Finn – Anthony Trollope

Phineas Redux – Anthony Trollope

The Prime Minister – Anthony Trollope

Rachel Ray – Anthony Trollope

(You see what I did there? I messed up on the Palliser series and missed The Duke’s Children. Sigh. I’m sure Rachel Ray is good, though. Oh, and I’ve already read The Eustace Diamonds so I didn’t get that again, which I am now regretting because there will be incompleteness.)

The Doctor’s Wife – Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Aurora Floyd – Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Roxana – Daniel Defoe

Casting the Runes and Other Ghost Stories – M R James

Selected Writings – William Hazlitt

And then, a couple of weeks ago, a writer called N. Frank Daniels emailed me to say that he liked my blog and would I be interested in free copies of books written by friends of his, and which he thought had not been getting the attention they deserved? Obviously with my massive readership of about 25 people I can totally turn around their popularity and soon they will get film deals. But I checked and he did indeed seem to be who he said he was (a Harper Perennial author), and both books looked pretty good, and it’s very hard for me to turn down free books unless I think they will be really terrible, so I said ‘Of course!’ And in the spirit of good book karma, I also said that I would buy his book in return. Partly because he was doing a nice thing in getting his friends’ books read, and partly because we have to keep propping up the publishing industry even though it is doing sweet FA to help itself, preferring to wring its collective hands and cry that the sky is falling in.

Anway. That is how

Now & Then – Jacqueline Sheehan and

Home Repair – Liz Rosenberg

came to join the book party.


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I've run out of books. Again.

5 thoughts on “New books”

  1. I feel the need to keep propping up the publishing industry and do wish it would roll up its sleeves and get stuck in rather than having fits of the vapours. Ah well. And oddly enough I have read Rachel Ray (I haven’t read that much Trollope!) and liked it very much. Not a lot happens, but it was tremendously sweet and that was okay by me. Lovely haul!

  2. Hmmm, I got that email from N. Frank Daniels, too, but I have yet to receive those two books. Perhaps his friends got enough takers that he doesn’t need me? Anyway, looks as though you’ve got lots of happy reading ahead of you (ahhh, to work for a company where I’d actually WANT to buy books at a 75% discount!).

  3. I have both of the Braddon books you mention here on my shelves, and am particularly interested in Aurora Floyd — you’ve got to love Victorian sensational fiction!

  4. Litlove – I love the idea of the publishing industry having fits of the vapours. I wonder what would constitute smelling salts? Thanks for the info on Rachel Ray.

    Emily – mine only arrived this week, one from the author herself, the other from N. Frank or Frank, or however you refer to someone whose first name is an initial.

    Dorothy – the Braddon is entirely your fault, after you introduced me to Lady Audley’s Secret!

  5. When the time comes, I’ll be happy to swap you my copy of The Duke’s Children with your copy of Rachel Ray!

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