Christmas loot

It has been an entirely quiet Christmas, which is just what I wanted. Our friend, the Wilf came over on Christmas Eve and helped us eat such enormous quantities of food that afterwards, all we could was to lie around mooing. Next year, I suggested we should spend the evening in our pyjamas, thus lessening the amount of overstuffed lumbering effort required to get us to bed.

So for Christmas itself we were feeling a bit seedy and had to go for a hike before we could even think about yet more food. And that was the last remotely energetic thing I did, because ever since I’ve been glued to the sofa, reading, playing with my new iPhone (Best. Gadget. Ever.) and watching Black Books on Hulu (Dylan Moran! Completely hilarious!) Oh no, wait, we did go and see Sherlock Holmes. It was about half an hour too long but satisfied most of my criteria for pointless action movies and was a worthy beginner to a new franchise.

But on to the Christmas books:

Martial’s Epigrams – Gary Wills

A Biography of Latin – Nicholas Ostler

Grief Lessons – Ann Carson (except I already have this so I’ll be exchanging it, but still, it was a good choice)

Ross Poldark – Winston Graham (which I saw mentioned on A Work in Progress and immediately added to my wishlist)

A Bestiary – Guillaume Apollinaire

As soon as I get new books, they become what I want to read now, regardless of what is already in progress.  Which is why the TBR pile doesn’t work for me, I’ll never get to the stuff at the bottom. Unfortunately, I am still reading Aurora Floyd, and when I finish that I have to go back to Phineas Finn. But possibly I’ll be able to sneak Poldark in between somewhere.

Hope you are all having holidays exactly as you want them.


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I've run out of books. Again.

4 thoughts on “Christmas loot”

  1. Charlotte – But then you must choose another book! Because you were one of the winners.

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