2009 book round up

How can you tell I am working from home this week? Lunchtime blogging, that’s how.

So apparently it’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow, which means I’m unlikely to cram in many more books between now and then. Therefore I feel confident that the following will be reasonably accurate, always bearing in mind that I can’t actually count. Probably safest to consider all numbers a bit ‘ish’. Also, I stole this whole idea from Dorothy. Although not the categories, because let’s face it, I read a narrow range of stuff. And I’m ok with that.

Books read: 181 – not including those I didn’t finish and only counting multi-vols as 1. That’s a bit disappointing, I was hoping to crack 200. Still, I am ?% up on previous years, when I’ve usually read about 120 books in a year.

Books listened to: 11. Which is a bit rubbish. I must have about a zillion Audible credits right now, because it’s not as though I have a backlist of unheard audiobooks. I have The Children’s Book, which was a stupid choice, because it’ll take the rest of my natural life to listen to it but only about three days to read it.

Books abandoned: 5, including Drood for being appalling and Infinite Jest for being physically too big to fit into my life. Seriously. I need this in separate volumes.

Books I wish I’d abandoned: 1 (or 5, depending on how you look at it) 2666

Non-fiction: 8. I’ve no idea how this compares to other years, but I should think quite well since life is perfectly real enough with one having to read about it. But I am enjoying my mini-trend of British social history.

UK authors: 75

ROW authors: 61

Most read author: Georgette Heyer. At least, I can’t be bothered to do any more counting but I have a load of new Sourcebooks editions on the shelf. If not her then it must be John Harvey. Heyer would make sense, though, as she is one of my standard comfort reads, and lord knows I’ve needed comforting at various points this year. Nice to see that my reading habits haven’t evolved much since I was 15.

Least liked book: Drood or Netherland? I can’t choose, I call them equal losers.

Favourite new find: John Harvey.

Favourite publisher (other than the one that employs me, of course): Sourcebooks, I think. I like their Heyer editions, so much better than the nasty, cheap versions with horrid, floppy covers that Harlequin put out. And I like the way they are putting stuff back into print, most recently Winston Graham’s Poldark series as far as I’m aware. Although there’s also Felony & Mayhem, for being called Felony & Mayhem and for doing a nice job with their Allingham.

I think I’m happy enough with what I got through this year. I read some good stuff and some rubbish, and I should think 2010 will be much the same.


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3 thoughts on “2009 book round up”

  1. 181? You are my new heroine.

    I’m glad to hear you like Georgette Heyer. I’m starting with her mysteries — read one this fall and received two more for Christmas. Dorothy found me a copy of Lady of Quality too that is waiting on my shelves. And I love Felony and Mayhem too…Happy New Year!

  2. Litlove – And happy new year to you too! I’ve already got some good reads lined up. Here’s hoping the year brings you some publication!

    Debby – It’s the train time, I swear. I love Georgette Heyer, my senior school library had an entire collection so I’ve been reading and re-reading them since I was 15. Venetia is my favourite, but I do like Lady of Quality. Enjoy!

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