First lines meme

I saw this over at Dorothy’s and also at Couch trip, and it seemed that it would fill in time while I wait for Dr Who Part 2 to download.

The rules are easy: post the first line of the first post of each month.

January – Acquire copy of The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy

February – Obviously I am going through a weirdly forthcoming stage, so here I am participating in the interview meme.

March – Oh yes.

April – I’m back, I’m jetlagged, I’m still at the stage where being in England felt like my real life and being back in the US feels like dislocation.

May – I am totally stealing this idea from Zoesmom, so credit where it is due.

June – From the Queen and also from Zoesmom.

July – Bless that Zoesmom, an award and a meme in one.

August – I picked this up a few minutes ago from Of Books and Bicycles.

September – I’ve chatted to a few friends of varying ages about this and it seems fairly common.

October – And today we went castle shopping.

November – From Litlove and also from Charlotte.

December – Right. I’m having a crappy week, as things around me go tits up in a variety of ways, to the point where I’m hoping that I am not the common denominator in all these mini-disasters.

So, it seems that for at least half the year I didn’t have any ideas of my own and used only memes for my blog posts. Well, I will try harder for 2010 but I’m making no promises. I quite enjoyed that looking back exercise, although I had to suppress a shudder when I accidentally read a quote from Drood in one of last year’s posts.


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I've run out of books. Again.

4 thoughts on “First lines meme”

  1. Dorothy – Alas for no castle purchasing, though.

    Raych – Rinse and spit! Rinse and spit!

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