Isis calling

Hurrah, I am off to Oxford on Saturday, for a few days in the UK office. According to all sources (the BBC and Facebook), there’s been about a foot of snow so far, and more is forecast for next week. I’m hoping for a terrific snowstorm next Thursday that will force me to miss my flight and to stay trapped in the Old Parsonage, sipping wine by a roaring fireplace instead. How terrible that wouldn’t be.

It’s going to be a busy week, because on top of the roughly 549 meetings that are being squeezed into 31/2 days, I also get to hang out with my friends. Thus S is picking me up from the airport and putting me up for a night in her flat, which I’ll get to see for the first time; I’m having lunch with A and her children and maybe even her husband if he’s not off in foreign parts. There’s dinner with J and M and S on Wednesday, and I may try to fit in a couple of lunches as well. And when the socialising is all over and done with, I’ll tromp off back to my lovely hotel room.

I love travelling.

When/if I get back, I drive up to Boston for an overnighter, where as luck would have it I will hopefully be meeting up with Anna Lawrence Pietroni, shortly-to-be-famous author of Ruby’s Spoon (hey, gotta plug your friends, right?)

All in all, not a bad start to the year.


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5 thoughts on “Isis calling”

  1. …and don’t forget possibly stopping off to see R (and bratty toddler) on your way back from lunch with A, if S remembers the way…

  2. oh, travel safely – it sounds like a wonderful time! I love traveling once I am at the airport and my bags are checked – I’m a mess when packing and checking in.

  3. Gee, having read the weather for the past few days, I’m hoping you reached said Old Parsonage safely! My in-laws in Essex just said they haven’t had garbage pick-up for three weeks now, last one just before Christmas, because their road hasn’t been gritted for all that time. Be safe!! and hope you get to stay a bit longer in the Old Country 😀

  4. Thanks all, it was great!
    Ruth – see, S remembered the way fine. Lovely to see you and Ben.

    Susan – It was astonishing what an effect a pathetically small amount of snow had. Traffic was still being disrupted in Oxford but I could get around on foot perfectly well. And really, Oxford looked even lovelier in the snow.

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