Another week, another…

  • sprinkling of snow, which made the roads treacherous so I drove slowly and missed my train by 2 minutes and was 20 minutes late for a meeting (and yet still missed nothing)
  • 15 meetings in total. Work is a bit crazy at the moment. I have taken to blocking out time on Fridays in my calendar so it already looks as though I’m in a meeting but in fact so I can do all the work I didn’t do all week, due to being in meetings. This is not all that stressful because if anything, I prefer to have slightly too much to do. But it means my mind kicks up a gear and won’t stop, leading to…
  • shitload of TV watched. Not actually on TV, of course, but Hulu is my downfall. I’m finding by the end of the day I’m too tired to read and my mind is whirring so I can’t relax. This would be the ideal time to be studying for a course, because I do find that the immersive concentration necessary wrenches my mind away from whatever it’s whirring about, and then I can eventually calm down. In lieu of that, and at the other extreme, there’s the opiate of TV. I’ve been watching Lie to Me and am developing a crush on Cal Lightman.
  • 2-day headache. WTF was that?
  • failed batch of banana walnut muffins. I have no idea what I did wrong but these were muffins of the hilarious, wife-can’t-cook, sit-com variety. The only appropriate word is ‘leaden’.
  • weekend greeted with relief. I might go an see An Education. I’m definitely going to yoga. Therein, the sum of my plans.

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I've run out of books. Again.

4 thoughts on “Another week, another…”

  1. My work has been similarly busy – much too much going on in terms of meetings – in fact, I attended an hour long meeting last week with the sole result of establishing subcommittees! with more meetings!
    I think it’s post-Christmas, pre-summer insanit myself.

  2. Really wanted to watch that on the plane, damn turbulence! Still in shock over bad baking day. Yet also somewhat relieved it happens to all of us, even B 🙂

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