Three go mad in Philly

The first surprising thing about this weekend was that, although I left from England and Zoesmom left from Connecticut, we arrived at the hotel within about 3 minutes of each other. If we had tried to plan that, you just know it would never have worked.

The second surprising thing was that on Saturday when we drove into the Barnes Museum, Emily was right ahead of us. Another feat of coordination that could only happen by accident.

The gallery was very good, but the staff were very strict, which made us a bit giggly. Fortunately, every single other person in there was listening to the audio tour, and we soon settled down and started looking at the art. Since I am a complete art idiot I can’t tell you anything about the paintings, except some names: Cezanne, Matisse, Monet, Rousseau, Glackens, Gauguin, Pascin, Modigliani, Miro, Van Gogh, Picasso. Was there a Seurat? I seem to think so. Anyway, they were marvellous.

I lost my heart to a wonderful Modigliani, Young Redhead in an Evening Dress. I think she is so exuberant, barely waiting for the painting to be finished so she can go off dancing.

And also a Monet that I’ve never even seen reproduced anywhere, The Boat Studio. I do love a tranquil afternoon on the river and that water is so peaceful.

However, woman cannot live on art alone. Lunch and shopping beckoned, followed by a cocktail and then dinner. At which point I rather let down my end, because jetlag well and truly kicked in. I managed not to fall face down in my dinner, but collapsed gladly into bed not long after. For all I know (and suspect) Emily and ZM went out partying while I slept.

Thanks are well and truly due to Zoesmom’s mom for thinking of the trip in the first place, and to the birthday girl herself for inviting me as one of her guests. I’m honoured. It was lovely.

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4 thoughts on “Three go mad in Philly”

  1. Thank YOU! It was a wonderful weekend of unbelievable timing (including the weather) and so much fun. We should do it again soon!

    Can’t wait to see your posters hanging at your place. My Matisse is going to get a prestigious spot fitting both the work and the memory of the trip.

  2. I concur: it was absolutely lovely all-round, beginning to end. I will write something too (I hope) at some point. And I can’t think of anything better than going to an art museum with another fellow complete art idiot (believe it or not, I have already forgotten the names of those I liked, had never heard of, and swore I’d remember in order to investigate further. Sigh! Must’ve been all that good food that immediately pushed them out of the brain, or perhaps it was all the brain space needed to admire and admire the new boots.

  3. it sounds like a great day! thanks for sharing it with your readers…it reminded me I need to get to the Carnegie for the current exhibit before it leaves.

  4. ZM – We should definitely do it again. My prints will be getting good frames, and I know exactly where they will hang.
    Emily – I can’t believe you outshopped us! Good effort.
    Courtney – definitely get yourself to the gallery. One of the things we all talked about was making time for the things you want to do rather than being caught by what you ought to do.

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