Holiday highlights

I’m still on holiday and I’m hanging on to every last second of it. But I fly tomorrow, so it’s time to do this list before the memories are potentially swept away in the deluge of Real Life. This trip is one to hang onto – so many special things it was like getting a present almost every day.

  • Coffees, lunches, dinners with friends in Sheffield, Oxford, London, Reading. A handful of old threads picked up and  joined with new ones woven into the pattern. My friends are a blessing for which I am so very, very grateful.
  • A perfect day of hiking near Ladybower. Wouldn’t have changed a thing. Ok, maybe the initial uphill… No, not even that.
  • Twitchett and Tomcat, the kittens at the cottage, keeping me company with their scrambling and purring.
  • A brisk walk to explore the Andy Goldsworthy, Sophie Ryder and Winter/Horbelt exhibits at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
  • Early(ish) morning in London, walking from Charing Cross to Covent Garden, up to Holborn and then through the Inns of Court to Blackfriar’s Bridge and back to Charing Cross along the South Bank.
  • Drinking buckets and buckets of tea and eating probably a bit too much Victoria Sandwich Cake
  • A succession of days that have been the epitome of spring loveliness. Couldn’t have bespoken better weather.
  • Shout out to The Jam Factory, who as promised, did indeed provide great space in which to drink tea, do the crossword, have dinner and talk until time ran out
  • Walking the Thames Path from Oxford to Clifton Hampden – all river, green fields, blue skies, blossom and birdsong, with rarely a soul in sight.

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    I've run out of books. Again.

    2 thoughts on “Holiday highlights”

    1. Sounds absolutely heavenly, all around to me. I definitely need a real vacation soon. Unfortunately, I am in one of those ridiculous periods at work of “Let’s see…such and such due then…and then I’ve got those deadlines…and oh, I forgot…Next vacation? February 2012 just might work!”

    2. Emily – holidays are more important than work. But I will send the Mars Bars to help you.

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