Two yoga classes in two days, both of them focusing almost entirely on twists. Which makes a change from the previous focus on back bends that I wasn’t enjoying at all. Back bends are too uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally, what with all that opening up. Twists are much better, wringing all the toxins out of one’s spine and making room for all the new ones that come in with the next day’s coffee and cake, and pollution and stress.

Anyway, in honour of  yoga twists, Music Monday and because I’ve been listening to Frightened Rabbit a lot lately (like I ever listen to anything that isn’t male angst music), I present The Twist:


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I've run out of books. Again.

6 thoughts on “Twist”

  1. I agree that back bends are just as emotionally challenging as they are physically. I always do them with gritted teeth, which is not entirely yogic.

  2. Charlotte – Me too! And my yoga instructor says that it’s the positions you don’t like that are the ones you need most, which may be true but – sigh.

  3. I hate back bends and always have, since the days of school gymnastics when I seemed to be the only girl who couldn’t do them. Great video. Thank you for your recent attempts to keep my Music Mondays alive, since I seem to ne letting them gasp for air, while I look on and say, “Oh, quit being so melodramatic.”

  4. Emily – you are honorary British and I don’t think we should have to do back bends at all. I clamour for the return of Music Monday (even though I also watched it’s decline without lifting a finger). If you like Frightened Rabbit, I’ll make you a copy.

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