The going gets tough

And the not very tough don’t have any time. Look. I’m tired and on the train and a bit tipsy. This is when NaBloPoMo gets hard. Which is a bit pathetic considering I am only a few days in. But all I have done today is sit in meetings and attend a product launch party, so there has been no space for creative thinking at all. Oh, and get volunteered to be part of a panel at ALA. There is no escape. I am resigned to ongoing anxiety.

I’m sure this won’t be the only time this month when I lack inspiration, so my poppets, is there anything you have a burning desire for me to waffle about? I aim to please. Well, sometimes. All right, not very often. But this offer is genuine! Ish.


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I've run out of books. Again.

6 thoughts on “The going gets tough”

  1. The blogger at Carole Knits has a “Ten on Tuesday” feature. Last week was “10 Favorite iPhone Apps” and this week was “10 People you’d like to interview.” (living, from what I could tell of her list). Maybe this would help with content?? Then there’s Eye Candy Friday, and if you had a cat, you could do Whiskers on Wednesday…

  2. Debby – Eye Candy Friday? That’ll be a weekly picture of David Tennant. I like it. It means I have to spend hours online doing ‘research’.

    Mr W – Dude! You’re a genius!

  3. I want to see you do some of those “letters I’ll never send,” like I did not too long ago. I’m sure yours will be brilliant.

  4. Actually, pvreader didn’t do those. Emily Barton did. It’s difficult having two identities, especially since pvreader is constantly taking credit for things that Emily Barton did.

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