Fuck David Cameron…

… posh Tory twat. Class prejudices coming into play? Abso-fucking-lutely. I know Gordon Brown screwed up and has all the charisma of a used teabag, but that’s Still. Not. Reason. Enough to vote Tory. Why punish the entire country?

I should have sorted out my postal ballot and didn’t. I’m on the outside, looking in via Twitter and the BBC. It’s doing nothing for my Twittercrush on @BenGoldacre (he of Bad Science fame), who gets marvellously indignant and ranty about stuff, but he and @meandmybigmouth are apparently the only people in England still up and tweeting. Oh and @anthonyjohnston, who I’m pretty sure I was at school with.

Oh Christ, Labour are down 16 seats and the Tory swine are up 17. It’s going to be a long night, and very possibly a long, dark few years.


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8 thoughts on “Fuck David Cameron…”

  1. Thomas – Glad to have provided a laugh! Surely not as bad as Bush. The coalition gives me some hope, although I hope Nick Clegg has a very long spoon if he’s thinking of working with Cameron.

  2. And you weren’t kept awake last night by all the news helicopters tracking Cameron around Witney as the count went on… Think how cross (and tired) you’d be if you had. Not to mention the constant creeping horror you’d probably feel at living in Cameron’s constituency in the first place…

  3. Bad things are coming! Almost the entire West Midlands is Tory now y’know and even the Dudley Tory council got back in in the local despite wide spread anger at how they’ve managed the area. Our Tory MP is so young – how can you be under 30 and be for the Conservatives?!

  4. Jodie – I’m ashamed of my home area. And I suppose some people are just born middle aged, and they are the Conservative party. You have my sympathy.

  5. Ah but you’re from Bham way aren’t you so you can be proud because Bham turned out to be the one place holding out against them. It has the highest proportion of non Tory seats in the area. Perhaps I need to move.

  6. Jodie – Oh yes, I just looked at a detailed map. There’s a red heart in the middle of the West Midlands. Surely not coincidental that the industrial bit voted Labour. Hurrah for Brum!

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