Friday eye candy

Eye Candy was Debby’s suggestion for possibly a regular post, although I’m not sure this is exactly what she had in mind. Still, eye of the beholder and all that, and just as I was thinking I really shouldn’t buy any more frocks (or indeed, anything else), Boden sent the latest catalogue. I like Boden because mostly I’ve figured out that their stuff fits me and the quality is ok. They’ve gone mad on dresses in the summer catalogue! I think maybe I can have one. The question is, which one?

Boden summer 2010Boden summer 2010

Boden summer 2010Boden 2010

Boden summer 2010 Ok, so that first one looks a bit athletic, if not a bit Athletica or Title 9. I think I’m leaning toward the purple maxi dress myself, although the shirt dress would do for work. I like the idea of crinkle fabric, the epitome of non-ironing clothing, but in reality? Might get on my nerves. And I’ve got to ask myself – would the pink one be a floral print too many?


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3 thoughts on “Friday eye candy”

  1. Oh yes, most definitely the purple maxi dress, and I’m envious, because you’re tall and skinny enough to be able to pull it off without looking like a grape that’s got some sort of orange mold growing on it (which is what it would do to me).

  2. Hi guys – Thanks! I’m tempted, but I’m still thinking. I’ve wanted a shirt dress for ages.

    Emily, the maxi dress may not work for you but there are others that would!

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