Stepney Kitchen

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Fairfield County has a startling array of entirely mediocre restaurants pretending to be better than they are and often, charging accordingly.

Which makes it even more of relief that not only is there finally a good restaurant, but it’s only minutes away! You chaps who live somewhere may not realise how exciting this is, but for all that I love Easton, it’s not a town anyone would class as convenient for services beyond Christmas trees and horse riding lessons.

So hello Stepney Kitchen. And thank you for (a) having a vegetarian special on the menu; (b) making it a good one -risotto with peas, asparagus and mushroom; (c) providing good service; (d) letting us linger comfortably over our meal; (e) not charging for corkage (they are BYO); (f) focusing on organic, locally sourced food as much as possible.

I was eating with Dorothy and Hobgoblin, which guarantees a good time anyway, but I was glad the food matched the company. Hobgoblin generously let me try his soup of the day, a delicious potato and garlic concoction. I believe their steaks were spot on too, and certainly the fact that none of us left a scrap on our plates argues for both good food and that other novelty around these parts, appropriate portion sizes.

Which meant we could face the dessert menu. Dor and Hobs got the chocolate biscuit, which looked amazing. I was busy being defeated by a large slice of lemon poppy-seed cake with berries: firm, moist and not too sweet.

The restaurant has recently added a patio, in time for warmer weather, and I can already see myself spending time there on summer Fridays… See you there!

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8 thoughts on “Stepney Kitchen”

  1. Yay for Stepney Kitchen! I’ll be back, for sure. So it’s Ellen Wood who wrote East Lynne, and I was right that it’s mentioned in Her Fearful Symmetry. Now to find a copy. I just checked, and it’s on my wish list. Who knew?

  2. I think lunch some time is a must. Thanks for the info – I keep noting the author’s name in different places and never on one of my standing lists.

  3. Okay, so will you believe that when I first read the title to this, I was thinking “Stepford Kitchen” and thought this was going to be about all those look-alike, hopeless-when-it-comes-to-being-used-for-cooking kitchens in Fairfield County? Instead, I find out that a great restaurant has finally arrived practically next door to my old house. Sigh!

  4. Emily – that would make a good post. I hate kitchens that are designed to be seen, not cooked in. And you will just have to try out Stepney Kitchen next time you’re in town!

  5. So happy to find your review – we are moving to Easton next week (gasp!) about 5 min. from Stepney Kitchen. I’m a veggie – and total foodie, and my only concern about moving to upper Easton was where to eat!!!

    Will definitely give it a try.

  6. Shira – Oh, good luck with the move! I am moving back to the UK on Sunday so I’ll miss Stepney Kitchen. Hope you do like it, I think it’s well worth supporting these local ventures.

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