In which I express an opinion on Matt Smith

Anyone asking ‘And who is Matt Smith when he’s at home?’ should probably nip off elsewhere round about… now. Right. (Mr W, I know you’re still with me, not sure about anyone else. )

It is true that I was quite resistant to the idea of a new Doctor, particularly one who is far less fanciable than David Tennant on the grounds of extreme youth and that chin. Let us compare:

But it is also true that Doctor Who is not (just) about the eye candy.  I think we are all in agreement that the Daleks episode was rubbish, which I ascribe to Steven Moffatt taking his hand off the wheel for a minute and letting Mark Gatiss steer the bus off a cliff. I’m not sure whose idea it was to reinvent the Daleks as the sort of multi-coloured accessory that comes in a variety pack from Ikea, but it didn’t work. However, other than that misstep, this series has been pretty good and I think our Matt is doing all right. He started off well in ‘The Eleventh Hour’, which was a cracking opener to the series. I like his manic energy and that he talks very fast, and he seems to me thoroughly to inhabit the role in his own way. The force is strong with him… no, wait, wrong sci-fi. He’s also fairly convincing as a weary old time lord when he has to be, but endearingly puppyish otherwise. Anyway, all good things.

I’m not entirely sure about Amy, but I suffered through all of Season 3 with Martha so I can certainly cope with a bit of wide eyed staring in place of, you know, other expressions. The weeping angels two-parter was, of course, very scary. ‘Blink’ still has the edge for me but all on your own in a forest with your eyes closed and angels coming to get you? Eek.  I thought Angel Bob was brilliant, and I love the character of River Song. Definitely hoping to see more of her, the original time traveller’s wife.

All in all, I’m in favour. Matt Smith may continue.

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8 thoughts on “In which I express an opinion on Matt Smith”

  1. I wasn’t sure about him to start with, however the more episodes I see, the better I like him. He’ll never be as good as DT though. Last episode I saw (Amy’s Choice), was brilliant. But the Venice episode is really quite rubbish, I warn you.

  2. Amy is brilliant, it’s all about Amy really this series and I’ll be gutted when she goes, probably more so than when Matt Smith leaves (oh but yes I get the repetitive wide eyedness, not sure anyone this series can do multiple expressions). I also kind of love how we’ve decided nothing even needs to make a little bit of sense this series, logic and science can all just be made up because the Dr says so, even more so than last series. Thought I was going to hate that, but I embrace it.

  3. Ruth – No, really? It looks quite good from the trailers. Curses.

    Jodie – I’m a couple of weeks behind so we’ve only just discovered that it’s all about Amy. It’s that crack in her bedroom wall, isn’t it? Interested to see where that takes the series. All science is magic to me, so I don’t even notice that it doesn’t make sense!

  4. Getting used to a new actor in this role is always hard – usually it takes several episodes. Young Matt stepped in with such endearing confidence that I pretty much bought him as the Doctor from the first episode.

    As for the science: Stephen Moffat has repeatedly said that his least favorite parts of science-ficiton are the science-y “explanations” – his m.o. is just to have the Doctor spout gibberish as fast as possible at those moments and hope the audience doesn’t realize it’s gibberish.

    And I liked the Vampires in Venice! Not as strong as the best of the season, but still. Amy’s Choice, however, is fantastic. No spoilers!

    Glad you are enjoying this season, Musing.

  5. I have to weigh in too. I can’t remember the last time I was scared, thrilled, amused and excited at the same time and all from a TV show. And this season is doing that all in nice packages. For all the nuances, it’s fun to be entertained. Brilliant fun.
    I love the top to bottom picture comparisons, thanks for that!!

  6. Mr W – I expected it to be more of an adjustment, that’s for sure. I’m with Stephen Moffatt on the science-y stuff. Given that one has to accept a 9,000 year old time lord travelling in a blue box, any real scepticism is out of the window from the start.

    Dalia – Any excuse to research DT pics…

  7. I truly believe that you deserve for the next (long, long, long) phase in your life to be the Ms. Tenant phase, so get moving on that. Really, no one is as devoted to him as you are, and I mean, I don’t watch Dr. Who, but I do happen to think that DT has Mr.-Callow-Youth-With-Chin beat hands-down when it comes to men I like to stare at in photos and videos.

  8. Emily – There are in fact people who are far more devoted than I am, but they are nutters. I, on the other hand, am truly deserving. Now I just have to wait for the universe to catch on to that fact and to throw us together in some adorably and irresistibly romantic way. Also for DT to stop dating gorgeous young blondes and to realise that what he’s really looking for is a knackered and emotionally burnt out brunette of his own age.

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