Friday eye candy

This time last week, Zoesmom and I were stuck in traffic heading towards the George Washington bridge and realising that, if our heads were not almost entirely full of Madonna lyrics (including backing vocals), the power of our combined awesomeness would ensure world domination. Then we went back to singing ‘True Blue’. So this explains not only why the silly men are still in charge, but also why last Friday was a little lacking in the visual treats department.

As compensation, here is a random selection of my latest objects of desire. You, are of course, free not to desire them (although that would defy all comprehension in my world).

A Caterham Classic. Because I, the woman who still can’t wield a corkscrew effectively, am clearly capable of building a kit car. Not. But I still really, really want one.

Darlings! How could I possibly be expected to build a kit car without the right shoes? What were you thinking?

Sports cars, high heels… It’s a natural progression to Bond, James Bond. Not just this one book of course. No no no. Penguin have reissued all of them in sexy new covers. I want the set. What do you mean, I already have a complete Bond set? What on earth has that to do with anything? Next you’ll be saying there was no need to watch Casino Royale three times. Which is not true. What is true is that there was no need to watch Quantum of Solace even once, but we can take the argument about the reinvigoration of the Bond franchise offline. And in any case, can we not agree to differ about those two films in shared anxiety that the third is on hold and Daniel Craig may not be in it?

Ah, a little bit of Tiffany. I don’t care much about jewellery and I’m fairly resistant to incessant marketing (not having TV helps). But, I’ve been thinking about the keys for a while, and yes, this one is on the list. I think I’d wear it.

So, my poppets, what’s your heart’s desire? We’ll take world peace and a cure for the common cold as a given and get straight on with the interesting stuff, if you don’t mind.


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I've run out of books. Again.

4 thoughts on “Friday eye candy”

  1. Ahem *prepares to be a total shopping bitch* Oh actually I have that Tiffany key necklace don’t you know…

    But I am way jealous of you already having a complete James Bond set. Are you a bit concerned that the third film may not get made (or that if it does it may turn out to be awful, like Quantum of Solace)?

    Oh and those shoes are fantastic and would look lovely at the bottom of a pair of women’s overalls, like the female presenter off the Speedway (not slutty like the ones on the pit girls in F1, actually very fetching).

  2. Jodie – good for you having the necklace! I have a few bits and pieces so I can not be jealous.
    Yes, the third film is on hold at the moment because the studio has financial problems. And I’ve seen that bloke from Avatar’s name bandied around as the next Bond. To which I say Noooooooo, because Daniel Craig is the Bond I’ve been waiting for all my life.
    I could find far more ways to wear those shoes than I can to afford them!

  3. I’ll take those shoes and a ride with you in your kit car. We may not rule the world yet, but I am sure you can convince anyone of a number of boys to build that car for you. Especially if you were wearing the shoes when you asked!

  4. ZM – Deal. In fact, I may not allow anyone in the car unless they can prove ownership of pink heels. Do you think I can persuade James Bond to build my kit car for me? Because that would be awesome.

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