Mini bookstack

Because although my new room looks like an explosion in a suitcase factory, it has a startling lack of books. They are all still in the US, except for Pride & Prejudice and Autumn Journal. Therefore, I hightailed it to Blackwells, actually looking for a new copy of Venetia, but instead coming home with:

The Mind Readers – Margery Allingham. To my shame, I had never even heard of this one, so I didn’t know I was missing it. I am very fond of Albert Campion.

Sabre Tooth (Modesty Blaise) – Peter O’Donnell. According to the blurb on the back of this one, Willie betrays Modesty. I don’t for a second believe that’s true. It must be part of some cunning plan of theirs in which he pretends to betray Modesty so that one of them can get away from the bad guys and effect a dramatic, arse-kicking rescue.

The Very Thought of You – Rosie Alison. Something from one of my wishlists, I’m sure.

The Soul of Kindness – Elizabeth Taylor. I am gradually collecting all of hers and have yet to read one that is at all disappointing.


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I've run out of books. Again.

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