In which I find a flat

Hurrah for imminent (potential) homefulness. References are being checked but that should be fine and if so, I will move in a couple of weeks. It’s just about a two-bedroom place, although the second bedroom will only hold a single bed. There is a full size kitchen because I want room to cook; and, then, there are the windows in this room:

And see through the windows? A small, but serviceable balcony that just about looks out over the gardens.

I don’t really do tiny tables getting in the way of straight paths through a room, so I’ve asked for those to go, along with the pictures. Other than that, I think it will do very well.

Today I reserved a picture that will fill one of the blank spaces on the wall, and I’ll have a ton of shopping to do because I’ll have a kitchen to equip. Now that’ll be fun!


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I've run out of books. Again.

11 thoughts on “In which I find a flat”

  1. Ruth – Ta! It’s all a bit grown up really. But of course, when I’m there (fingers crossed, because I’m trying not to tempt fate. Not having had a UK address for the last 6 years is buggering up all my credit ratings) the carefully arranged piles of art books on the coffee table will be gone and replaced by a mug of tea and a packet of Jaffa Cakes for a start.

  2. It looks lovely. The bright white walls and windows letting in natural light would sell me in a minute. And the balcony would seal the deal.
    Congrats on your impending homeFULness.

  3. Loving those windows, and the idea of a balcony. It looks a little skimpy on the bookshelves, but I’m sure you can fix that. 🙂

  4. Thanks everyone! I see we are in agreement re white walls, natural light, trees and balcony. And Debby, I am pleased to be able to reassure you that the room is a bit of an L-shape, so the windows and balcony continue off to the left and there is another large bookcase (and armchair) tucked away there. There’s also space along the back wall for more bookcases (once the pictures are gone).

    Let us all keep fingers crossed. My former US landlady gave a reference along the lines of ‘I didn’t have any dealings with her but the rent came on time’. I’m hoping that’s sufficient.

    Emily – I’m doing all this to lure you over, you realise that?

  5. Becky, believe me, I know. Next year’s vacation has “England” (and maybe some “France”. Want to go visit Mandarine and Smithereens with us?) written all over it. Better yet, get me a job at your company, so I have an excuse to come frequently!

  6. Emily – Excellent news! I will have tea, toast and Marmite to hand, and I’m sure we can find something Bob will eat too. I may have to nip over to France earlier than that, though, because I think lingerie shopping in Paris might make for a good weekend treat. Getting a job with the company won’t give you any more of an excuse than wanting to come on holiday; and you’d be tied to going into the office every day, which would be a waste of valuable Oxford visiting time. Much better just to come over on holiday.

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