Persephone and the little fox

That’s a story someone should write. It could be a nice fake Greek myth, about a brave fox nipping down to Hades to see Persephone, and how with foxy cunning it gets past Cerberus and across Styx to wind up at the palace. There could be some great illustrations too. Someone get on that, will you?

In the meantime, in my world, it’s Persephone Books and Slightly Foxed, of course. I really don’t know how it took me so long to remember them, but it was only yesterday that I put in an order. And then, with the wonder of first class post in a small country, the books and latest issue arrived today.

The Casino – Margaret Bonham

Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary – Ruby Ferguson

The New House – Lettice Cooper

Another Self – James Lee-Milne (Slightly Foxed editions) And I believe this one is actually on my wishlist, for which I score double points.

I was also reminded that there is a Slightly Foxed bookshop, and we all know there is a Persephone bookshop too. I see a London trip in my future, as well as another item on the itinerary that is slowly building for when Emily and Zoesmom visit.

Unfortunately, I won’t be reading any of these immediately because I’m reading Riders by Jilly Cooper. It is proving to be marvellous nonsense, just as I remembered it.


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I've run out of books. Again.

2 thoughts on “Persephone and the little fox”

  1. You have all the good bookstores and publishers, to go with the good tea, which is so not fair. I’m still after some Bloomsbury Group books, and hoping my family will cave this Christmas and order them for me.

    Off to check out Slightly Foxed, and am sure I’ll want something from them too…

  2. Debby – I’ll always be happy to send books over, so if you want anything give me a shout!

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