Sunday strolling

Although, by now I feel as though I’ve done a Sunday route march rather than a bit of light ambling. Probably because it all adds up to around 8 miles or thereabouts, I think, and I get extra points for walking up Headington Hill.

Started with a 20 minute wander up to Wolvercote, to the farmer’s market. One of the adjustments of being back in Blighty is realising that English supermarkets are basically crap. A fine array of wines, spirits and beers, yes; decent fresh veg, not likely. After inspecting and rejecting various bags of vegetables flown in from the rest of the world and tastily ripened in a mixture of gases while in the plastic bag on the way, for which I could have had the additional pleasure of paying a king’s ransom, I decided otherwise. Hence the farmer’s market, where I got this little lot for a fiver: carrots, bok choi, cauliflower, raspberries, basil. Oh, and a sourdough loaf. One of the participating farms does vegetable boxes and I’m hoping to sign up to get one of those.

Next port of call was East Oxford, en route to Headington for a friend’s leaving party. I walked through University Parks, because it’s a shortcut and also because it’s lovely. The gardeners do an amazing job with the flowerbeds along the main path all year round. Alas, the sum of my horticultural knowledge is ‘Flowers. Pretty.’

Those red flowers seem to glow, don’t they? That’s how you know they’re real, nothing fake ever achieves the same exuberance of colour.

The purple and yellow is a great combination. And then, how could I resist the red hot pokers? They do exactly what it says on the tin. And for some reason, the words ‘copper beech’ come to my mind with regard to that tree behind the red hot pokers. Am I anywhere near right?


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3 thoughts on “Sunday strolling”

  1. I guess I’m surprised that the nation who puts our gardens to shame doesn’t have beautiful vegetables in the supermarket. Glad you found a farmer’s market! Ours just re-opened and I want to go straight there on Wed. for raspberries at least.

    It sounds like you are settling into your new place nicely! A good hot bath is divine.

  2. I’m very jealous. It is way. too. hot. to walk anywhere here unless it is 6:00 a.m. or 8:00 p.m., and even then, it isn’t pleasant (as if you didn’t know that because I have not been whining about the heat all over my blog, FB, billboards on the side of the road…)

    The garden shots are sublime.

  3. Debby – no, we prefer to fly everything in because it’s cheaper than supporting British farmers. Sigh. Fortunately, there are flourishing organic farms in this area. I am settling in, thanks. There are a couple more things I need to tip the balance (lamps!) but it’s good space.

    Emily – I am soooo glad I left before the hot weather kicked in. Although it might have been enough to push me into getting a one-way ticket anyway. It must be so grim, you have my sympathy.
    University Parks, obviously, will be on the itinerary. Handily, they are very close to the Old Parsonage. It all fits together…

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