Music Monday: Fred and Ginger

Emily got me on a bit of a Fred Astaire kick, and this is one of my favourite songs:

I think I’ll spend some autumn afternoons renewing my acquaintance with classic films.


6 thoughts on “Music Monday: Fred and Ginger

  1. Mr W

    Enjoy! They’re all good. My favorites are “The Gay Divorcee” with Ginger Rogers, and “The Band Wagon” with Cyd Charisse.

  2. musingsfromthesofa Post author

    Mr W – Because not only have you read everything, you have also seen everything. Sigh. Ta for the recommendations, I do like Cyd Charisse too! I am putting them on my mental Netflix list until I find out what the equivalent is.

  3. Mr W

    My secret: I’m a man, and I don’t watch sports. This affords me loads of time to read, and, apparently, watch Fred Astaire movies.

    And you mean there’s no Netflix where you live? Comprehension…fails…

  4. musingsfromthesofa Post author

    Mr W – Also, you can converse about topics that have nothing to do with baseba… no, I got too bored halfway through typing the very word.
    No Netflix. There is LoveFilm which I have looked into and seems to be not as good and doesn’t do streaming video. No Hulu.
    But much better chocolate. It evens out.

  5. Emily Barton

    What’s not to love? I need a bunch of rainy afternoons with the DVD player. Alas! Rain seems to have been put under eyewitness protection, never to be seen again.

  6. musingsfromthesofa Post author

    Emily – Haven’t seen a lot of rain here, either. But bring it on, I say. Particularly with Fred Astaire waiting in the wings.

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