Music Monday: Fred and Ginger

Emily got me on a bit of a Fred Astaire kick, and this is one of my favourite songs:

I think I’ll spend some autumn afternoons renewing my acquaintance with classic films.


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I've run out of books. Again.

6 thoughts on “Music Monday: Fred and Ginger”

  1. Enjoy! They’re all good. My favorites are “The Gay Divorcee” with Ginger Rogers, and “The Band Wagon” with Cyd Charisse.

  2. Mr W – Because not only have you read everything, you have also seen everything. Sigh. Ta for the recommendations, I do like Cyd Charisse too! I am putting them on my mental Netflix list until I find out what the equivalent is.

  3. My secret: I’m a man, and I don’t watch sports. This affords me loads of time to read, and, apparently, watch Fred Astaire movies.

    And you mean there’s no Netflix where you live? Comprehension…fails…

  4. Mr W – Also, you can converse about topics that have nothing to do with baseba… no, I got too bored halfway through typing the very word.
    No Netflix. There is LoveFilm which I have looked into and seems to be not as good and doesn’t do streaming video. No Hulu.
    But much better chocolate. It evens out.

  5. What’s not to love? I need a bunch of rainy afternoons with the DVD player. Alas! Rain seems to have been put under eyewitness protection, never to be seen again.

  6. Emily – Haven’t seen a lot of rain here, either. But bring it on, I say. Particularly with Fred Astaire waiting in the wings.

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