Eye candy Wednesday

It’s not that I spend all my days mentally shopping, you understand. It’s just that the thoughts flicker through my head and then I aggregate them here, as one way of remembering. As well as writing them on my paper list and adding them to my iPhone list. I then rarely refer to these lists, except to add more to them; it’s the act of recording that makes me think I’m being organised. The books wishlist on this blog is a prime example – how often do I cross something off it? And yet I buy books all the time. I’m fickle and continually seduced by the new is what happens.

However, one day, when my old books finally rock up, I still intend to provide them with a good home. There are a couple of bookcases here, but nowhere near enough, so I’ve been looking for shelving. Here is the Bibliochaise, designed in Milan (ovviamente) and customisable as to colour, all of which adds up to no prices readily available. And we all know that means affordability, right? Still, a bookslut can dream. And the thing is, I could totally get away with the Bibliochaise in this flat. I would take out the current gilt-edged throne type chair and have this instead. (Not the pouffe as well, that’s overkill.)

Books are apparently the accessory of the season, too,  because earlier this week, design maestra traciedesigns drew this to my attention:

Like I need another reason to be mourning the fact that there is nowhere to buy Kate Spade over here. I love that Great Gatsby clutch. It would bring cheer to the rainiest day.

And finally, there are the Penguin Clothbound Classics. I keep eyeing them up greedily in bookshops but so far I haven’t bought one. I don’t think I could buy just one. It would have to be at least three, because although the covers are lovely when viewed individually, they look even better when you start lining them up.  The whole set together is gorgeous.

Ideally, one would accessorise them with a cat and flickering firelight. I’m working on that too, but it might take me a few years.


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I've run out of books. Again.

9 thoughts on “Eye candy Wednesday”

  1. Oh my! I must have one of those chairs. Now. What a great way to deal with all the piles of books beside the chairs in my house. Meanwhile, I am very disappointed to see that Kate Spade has stolen this woman’s idea: covertocoverpurses.com, who is actually recycling old books and turning them into purses. (I met her a couple of months ago — at least I think it was she. I lost her card and looked up online what she was doing and found this site — and immediately put her in my never-referred to paper and iTouch lists for gifts for both others and me.)

  2. If you were to move that chair, will the books all topple out? My immediate and overly practical thought. It is cool though, and I can totally see you sitting in. Is there somewhere to rest cup and plate of cake built into it?

  3. Emily – I can see you and Bob being very happy with one of those chairs each. I think cover to cover purses is a great idea; but I would never buy one, whereas I would buy Kate Spade. Bad me.

    Ruth – Never thought of that. Probably, when the chair is fully laden with books, I wouldn’t be able to shift it an inch, which is definitely something to bear in mind. As for the cup and plate of cake, I think the books at arm rest position would have to be evenly sized and present a flat enough surface on which to balance crockery. A wine glass might be more tricky.

  4. I have been coveting the Penguin classics for about two years; I only have one of the Jane Austens but I agree that they all look so good together on the shelf. Would it be wrong to buy them even if I never intend to read some of the titles?

  5. Debby – Nope. Just buy them. They are lovely objects even if you don’t read them. And having them around may encourage you to read them!

  6. Those Penguin covers are really lovely together, aren’t they? I had no idea that purses were being made from books, what a cool idea!!! Best of all though, is that chair. I want one!! I could see myself curling up in that and never getting out. Best of all, I wouldn’t have to leave the chair, ever again. Books would already be around me. I’d take the pouffe too. Because there can never be too many piles of books around one!! lol That sounds really bad, doesn’t it? the chair would hide some of those books. Yes, I can see this chair being both good and bad for bookaholics!!

  7. Susan – I do have to hand it to Penguin for their success in reinventing the same books over and over again. I might have to phone up and find out how much the chair is, just so that I can stop thinking about it as a possibility if it really is heinously expensive. Sigh. We should all be able to have one!

  8. It looks simple to make – so capture a handy man! But that’s me all over; I always say things like that and never make the things I like so never get to have them 😦

  9. Hi Irene, thanks for stopping by! Does it look easy to make? I’m so hopelessly impractical the thought would never cross my mind, which means I do buy things. I’d only spend twice as much on materials and then bugger it up anyway.

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