Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Well, duh. That is, to put aside for a moment all ethical considerations concerning the diamond trade, which weren’t troubling Marilyn Monroe or anyone else at the time. It’s been ages since I saw this film and I still want the dress she’s wearing in this video, ridiculous bustle/bow thing and all. Occasion to wear it wouldn’t go amiss, either. Alas for aspirations towards a long gone champagne lifestyle on a present day beer income.

But before the frock of ultimate pinkness makes it appearance, check out how utterly bizarre that set is. You’ve got to feel sorry for those poor women doing duty as lampstands and chandeliers (as well as for the crazed loon who thought it all up in the first place). Truly, struggling actresses had it tougher in those days, if playing a piece of stage scenery was their big break.


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4 thoughts on “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

  1. Intersting to watch that clip without sound. The entire staging – not just the girls in chains on the chandelier – is bizarre. But I love that pink dress. The pink gloves too. And the pink dresses on the dancers. Wouldn’t twirling around in that sea of pink be fun? Even though I have to suspend the voices screaming “sexist!” in my head over this whole piece. “He may be nice, but if you don’t have the ice, it’s NO Dice!” or “if the louses go back to their spouses, diamonds….”. Seeing this for the first time in years, Madona’s Material Girl send-up of this doesn’t seem so outrageous.

  2. Cam – I imagine it is utterly odd without sound. You wouldn’t have to do much to that set to fit it right into an episode of True Blood. Just make the costumes more bondage-y and darken the reds. I know, it is sexist but then I tend not to worry about it because that’s just how things were. And if women’s options were marriage or find your own money, then I say go for the diamonds. At least as insurance! I’m going to have to watch Madonna now too.

  3. I want a pink dress, too, and to twirl like that. I’ll invent the occasion (“You’re invited to Emily’s Pink Dress and Twirls Party.”) You’re right, though: very strange set. Imagine how extraordinarily uncomfortable that was. (I’m also imagining the poorly-written, obscure academic treatise on this scene, of the sort you and I are all too-familiar, arriving as a book proposal on my desk. Long week at work, I suppose.)

  4. Emily – Ok, I’m there. Please will you invite Cary Grant too? I hope that treatise never does turn up, but if it does, please forward it on. Once you’ve stopped laughing.

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