So turn the radio up

AKA, the post no one really bothers with. But that’s ok, because a glancing reference in the NY Times recently and what I think must be a link from Litopia have both sent my blog stats soaring. Yes, indeed, the number of visits hit triple figures one day last week! I am in daily expectation of the book/movie/film deal that must surely follow.

While I wait for fame and fortune, here’s a bit of Ryan Adams and the Cardinals:

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I've run out of books. Again.

2 thoughts on “So turn the radio up”

  1. Now, how did I manage to miss the passing reference in the NY Times? Oh yeah, the Times is like 200 pages long every day. Anyway, I certainly bother with your Music Monday posts (especially since you are much better at doing it every Monday than I am), and this was a great choice.

    Lucky you to get stats in the triple digits. My stats only go up (all the way to low double digits) due to that cockroach and palmetto bug post I wrote eons ago and my answers to the Classic Modern Movie meme (both ironic, since I know absolutely nothing about insects and even less about movies).

  2. Emily – It was a damning with faint praise reference in the Papercuts bit of the NYT, which didn’t name the blog but included a link to my Scarlet Pimpernel drinking game. So it’s that and the Bibliochaise that are getting all the attention!
    I like your Music Monday posts too. So let us both keep them going!

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