Music Monday

From my in-depth research (one Google quick search), this was at No. 4 in the Top 40 in mid-September 1971. When I was growing up and Rod Stewart, in his too tight tartan trousers, was something of a joke, I never thought I’d be such a fan. But, retrospectively, I am.


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5 thoughts on “Music Monday”

  1. Wow. He actually looks kind of cute, doesn’t he? (I can’t believe I said that.) I didn’t like a lot of his stuff, but this one has been a long-time favorite (even my father loved it when it came out).

  2. AP – Seriously, it was a revelation to me to discover that Rod Stewart was good. The hair, not so much.

    Emily – I know, go figure, he would be totally cute were it not for that hair. You must like ‘Mandolin Wind’ too?

  3. This song is one of those that instantly takes me back to a particular place and time…my friend’s Mustang convertible and our ride to high school my sophomore year. Maggie May had just been released, and seemed to be playing on the radio every day when we drove to school. When I hear it now, I still look down to see if I’m wearing my saddle shoes, plaid skirt, and navy blue blazer.

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