Eye candy Thursday

It is Thursday, isn’t it? Tomorrow really is Friday? It’s been such a long, dark week. On Monday, the shock of leaving work into full-on winter darkness drove me straight into the nearest chip shop. And what a good decision that was: freshly fried chips, drenched in salt and vinegar, warming my hands through the packet and burning my mouth because, of course, I couldn’t wait for them to cool down. Can anyone? It is probably against the bye-laws of North Oxford to be seen scoffing chips in the street, but I think I bolted them all down between Jericho and Parktown and so did not bring into disrepute the hallowed streets of Summertown by my uncouth behaviour.

So, what’s been catching my eye of late, I’m sure you’re wondering? The usual stuff, of course, because I adore autumn clothes.

There is this dress for a start. I love, love, love the colour. I’m thinking it would go perfectly with my brown knee high boots, or even with cowboy boots.

And then there is this coat, which I will grant you looks nothing much in the picture but I tried it on in the shop and it was an absolutely gorgeous shape. So gorgeous that two weeks’ later I am (a) still not going back to Reiss in case I accidentally buy it with the 300 quid I don’t have; and (b) thinking of taking the garage’s advice and flogging the personalized number plates that came with the car so I can get 300 quid to buy the coat. Sigh. Yes, I am deeply superficial. If that’s news to anyone, I can’t help you. You’re reading the wrong blog.

And, of course, it’s heading towards party season! My prediction is that I will go to precisely no parties at all, but that seems no reason not to look at the clothes and head deep into an imaginary other world where life is a constant whirl of champagne handed to me by dashing men in dinner jackets who hang on my every breathy syllable… Where was I?

Oh yes. Bravissimo, bless their little cottons, have reinvented the maxi dress for the festive season, and I like it a lot. Particularly the key hole back.








Then again, Monsoon are providing the 80s fix, and that could be fun, too. Let us all head to the dance floor and dance around our handbags!

I think I would wear either of those dresses with the shoes that I did not buy from LK Bennett on Saturday, much as I wanted them.

Instead, I restricted myself to a sensible pair of 4-inch, black patent courts that are much more suitable for work. Particularly with a pencil skirt; because if you can’t rock the sexy librarian look when you work in publishing and are a lifelong speccy four-eyes, then really, what is the point?


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5 thoughts on “Eye candy Thursday”

  1. Actually, I think that coat looks fabulous. If it’s even better in real life, I’d say exchange the personalized plates for something you can take with you and admire everywhere and that will keep you warmer than chips against that bitter cold. Or sell your sexy, librarian-look body to some dashing man in a dinner coat who hangs on your every breathy syllable (he will if he’s paying you 300 quid, because he’s a wealthy man, which means, he won’t realize that actually, if HE’s paying you, YOU ought to be the one hanging breathily on HIS every syllable). I’m sure even if you have regrets in the morning, you will respect yourself the following morning (after you’ve spent the day tripping off to buy the coat and any other treats his “tip” might afford you) when you, for the first time, put on the coat that now belongs to you and head out the door in it. (I, obviously, up your superficiality one and raise you two.)

  2. LOVE that coat! Reiss is my favourite source of coats and I’ve been dreaming wistful dreams of a not-quite-white coat for a couple of weeks now. And truly and seriously, a coat is a whole lot more useful than a numberplate. This statement applies all year round but is especially valid at this time of year. True story!

  3. Emily – I am shocked, shocked I tell you, at such advice coming from a pastor’s wife! And I shall print it out and bear it in mind, just on the off chance I find an appropriately dashing bloke in black tie.

    Jane – Thanks for stopping by, and for the equally good advice!

  4. Please count me in for the Monsoon dress (I won’t be invited to any parties either). I’ve heard from Dorothy that you are a wonderful shopper, and I only wish I could go with you sometime. The clothes out here right now are pretty lame.

  5. one of my few (seriously, very few!) complaints about being pregnant this fall/winter is the fact I can’t indulge in all the beautiful clothes out this season. I think there have really been a ton of gorgeous fall/winter clothes but I am waddling around in maternity wear…sigh…I adore that party dress!

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