Ms Musings Second Annual Midwinter Book Giveaway

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The weather has turned what I can only describe as bloody cold. It’s dark most of the time. This morning there was snow, and worse, there was snow on my car. I, for one, feel very much like creeping under a duvet and staying there until the first snowdrops are drooping prettily in pale spring sunshine.

And so I say, what could be more of a candle in the darkness than a free book? And from my perspective, a bit of guilt-free shopping? Rules are the same as last year but in case you’ve forgotten, or any new readers are unaware, here’s a re-cap:

  • Verily, go and review my lists of books read for the last few years (and accept my humble apologies that 2010 isn’t offering much of a list).
  • Identify a book you would like to read and leave me a comment telling me which book and why. Comments close 20 December.
  • On 21 December I will select 5 names to be the lucky recipients of their chosen book. It might be random choice. It might be made by best comment. It might hinge on favourite books that I particularly want to share.
  • And then I’ll let you know who you are and we can do addresses and all that.
  • And then I will purchase, gift wrap and despatch the chosen books, with the usual caveat that if they are OP or otherwise hard to find it might take me a while.

Small print: Look. I don’t have a lot of readers and I know who most of them are. This offer is open to them and the regular lurkers only. If you found your way here via some sort of lowlife, giveaway aggregation site, then please try rearranging these words into a well-known expression: Off. Fuck.

Author: musingsfromthesofa

I've run out of books. Again.

11 thoughts on “Ms Musings Second Annual Midwinter Book Giveaway”

  1. Well I know I’m welcome! I’m putting my hand up for the Hilary Mantel – I’m trying to work my way through the lovely lady’s oeuvre and I have to admit I’d not heard of this one. Please put my name in the hat.

  2. The well-intentioned busy intellectual-wannabe part of my brain is going for Ad Infinitum, which I’ve wanted to read (and had on my amazon wish list) ever since I read your post on it. The befuddled fiction-loving and pregnant part of my brain longs instead for High Wages by Dorothy Whipple, for I love her books so much (ever since you gave me one in your pre-stateside move book clear-out long ago), that I would stay up late to read it even when I am exhausted and should be asleep. And I think it would be a good book to read when I finally finish Wolf Hall, which bizarrely took me two attempts to get into, and is taking me forever to read. So High Wages it is. x

  3. Oh I definitely don’t want to miss out this year. I would like to read Wish Her Safe at Home both because it sounds qood and because it will serve as another nice memento of that perfect weekend.

  4. So far, good choices! Damn, I can see this is going to be more difficult than I thought. And I might have to re-read Frenchman’s Creek too.

  5. Ruth – Congratulations, honey! I believe SD did mention something but this is my official notification.

  6. Oh, yea! I am a gen-you-wine reader and get to enter! And if you think your 2010 doesn’t offer much, then you haven’t been hanging out with someone the BBC thinks is an average citizen. Anyway, I would love a copy of Skippy Dies.

  7. Thanks Becky, I have to admit that I have hardly got round to telling anyone really, apart from those who see me in person and comment that I’ve got really rather fat… So yeah, I’m inflicting another Sheppard on the world, you have been warned.

  8. How about your favorite Barbara Trapido? She’s on your list for this year, but the particular one you read didn’t seem like the best place to start. Thanks for doing this! By the way, I just finished Skippy Dies and liked it quite a lot. Good read.

  9. I’m tied between A Test of Wills by Charles Todd (cannot get enough mysteries), and The Pedant in the Kitchen by Julian Barnes, which I added to my TBR list after I saw it on your blog. Thank you for doing this. What a cheery idea to ward off the cold and gray outside.

    P.S. Can we send you any books? With all that’s happened with your mother, I feel like you could use a little spoiling. If there is anything you’d like from across the pond here, let me know, and I’d be happy to send it your way.

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