Book giveaway winners!

The anticipation. The excitement. I bet you’ve all been in a state of extreme tenterhookage for days, wondering if you’ve won. ‘Will it be a white Christmas? Who cares! Have I won a book from Ms Musings?’ is the cry that’s been resounding the length and breadth of my realm.

So, without further ado, in no particular order, here are the 5 winners. With slightly further ado I am pleased to say that they are all noble and deserving of a good read. Let us hope that’s what they have chosen…

Charlotte – A Place of Greater Safety. Not as good as Wolf Hall, but very definitely worth it.

Raych – Of course, milady. Frenchman’s Creek on its way.

Emily – Obviously, the Queen gets her choice, or what would be the point in being Queen, anyway? Skippy Dies it is.

Debby – still tied? So I will choose one of them and it will be a surprise. And, bless you for offering to send me a US book. There is nothing I’m currently aware of, but if something comes up, I’ll shout!

JW – Skippy Dies. Man, did I do a good job selling that one!

If I had not forgotten to pay the Council Tax bill last month and therefore been hit with a double whammy this month, I’d have picked everyone. Sigh. Sorry, chaps! I promise I’ll make it up to you. Leave it with me.

I think I only need addresses for Raych and Debby, so you guys could email me at beccul at hotmail dot com. Then it’s a matter of going book shopping and allowing the country time to recover from snowmageddon (which is what we in the UK call 6 inches of snow causing millions of people a minor inconvenience). That could take a while…

In the meantime, look how pretty the winter light is. It’s tough living here and walking by the river, but someone has to do it.













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I've run out of books. Again.

6 thoughts on “Book giveaway winners!”

  1. Oh, yay! Far more exciting than a white Christmas. Can’t wait for the package to arrive. And I look forward to curling up with it this winter. And I must say, that winter light is fabulous.

  2. I am honoured indeed! But Skippy Dies twice? That’s a tall order.
    Midwinter congratulations to all.
    OOA from the Wishlist shall yea verily soon be with you, Ms Musings…

  3. I’ve emailed my address, so hopefully you’ll receive it. I’m so excited to see what you’ve chosen — thank you!

    Isn’t the winter light amazing? As a summer girl, I’ve never really paid much attention, but for some reason this year, it has captured my imagination. It’s too cold for me to walk outside right now, so I admire it from windows only. How do you stay warm on your walks?

  4. Right, I’ve got the addresses and shall go shopping after Christmas. Happy book anticipation, everyone!

    Debby – it’s nowhere near as cold here as it is in CT, so that helps. As does cashmere 😉

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