Eye candy Friday

Apparently, winter will continue forever. Today, for example, never really got light at all. The sky just progressed through a rainbow of shades of grey until it went dark again, all the while hanging just out of reach above the buildings. Thus it is likely the perfect weekend in which to spend hours in the cinema, watching Lawrence of Arabia, which is my plan for tomorrow. Hurrah for the Ultimate Picture Palace and classic films! There is even the promise of a free hot drink and cake.

Still, what else to do to cheer oneself up in the bleak midwinter? Fortunately, there are always things to look at, and today I was introduced to the site www.notonthehighstreet.com Hurrah for that too, since what is on the high street is so incredibly, mindblowingly boring.

Like I need another pair of boots but I find it difficult to resist the subtle introduction of a bit of patent leather, especially Italian leather.

Meanwhile, I so totally could not wear this bolero jacket, but damn if I could, with a tailored black shift dress and my L K Bennett heels? I’d be a happy bunny.

Speaking of shift dresses, Boden have introduced an online only collection of tailored items. I do like a black tailored dress and this one has ‘me’ written all over it. I checked and they even got the length right, it hits above the knee:

So, wait, I’ve got the boots, the bolero and the dress? I need a bag and this might just kick things up a little:





And, quite obviously, some shades. For which it’s back to Kate Spade. I love my Veronica sunglasses and I’m gutted I broke them almost as soon as I’d bought them. This is the closest approximation I can find in the latest collection:



You know what? Virtual shopping is an instant pick me up!


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