Eye candy Friday

I’m thinking of renaming this recurring topic ‘Frippery Friday’. While I ponder on that for the future, let’s kick off this Friday’s post with a more traditional approach to eye candy.

Yes, Bond will be back in 2012, proving that indeed life is worth living; further, Daniel Craig is still 007, suggesting that maybe there are some gods.

Hello gorgeousIt’s probably time I watched Casino Royale again, right?

Meanwhile, my other true love, David Tennant, will be treading the boards later this year, playing Benedick in As You Like It. I will be getting a ticket if I have to pawn the family silver (or indeed the family – what’s the going rate for a crazy woman?) Catherine Tate is playing Beatrice, and although they have precisely no chemistry if Dr Who series 4 is anything to go by, they do play well off each other.

Well, while I’m at it, what’s wrong with a completely gratuitous picture of my other other true love (How many is that? Forget it,  who’s counting?)

It comes to something when I feel I’m missing out on not seeing Season 3 of Castle, purely because it’s about my only chance of seeing Nathan Fillion.  I mean, the man got me to donate money for the building of an electric car, FFS, but hey, if the Captain wants an Arcimoto, the Captain gets one in my book. Time for a Firefly marathon? I think so.

Oh Captain, my Captain


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4 thoughts on “Eye candy Friday”

  1. Definitely time to rewatch Casino Royale. I mean, I saw it on the big screen when it came out, which is way too long ago. Maybe a crazy lady will garner enough money for a ticket AND a backstage pass, but I doubt it. You’ll have to use your charm, I think.

  2. Ahhh it’s like you’ve created the perfect triumverate of men. Bond! Can you imagine if I forget what it was called because nothing much happened after that first most excellent scene, was Craig’s last Bond film?

  3. Nancy – As good a reason as any.

    Emily – That was ages ago, you have certainly a repeat viewing. Bottle of wine, box of Maltesers is my suggestion for the perfect accompaniment. I hadn’t even thought about backstage! What if I sell my sister as well as the crazy lady?

    Jodie – It would have been tragic if Quantum of Solace (for so it was called but I don’t blame at all for forgetting) had been DC’s last outing. Deeply tragic.

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