Music Monday

I am so glad I made the most of the weekend before heading into all this brain-frying project management stuff. Hurrah for old friends, champagne, prosecco, lots of chatting, great food; and then huzzah for walking in Whytham Woods in gentle rain, followed by tea and crumpets.

Anyways, I have HOMEWORK, which means first I have to decide between making dinner and making banana bread (and I think we know which way that one’s going). I want to do some yoga too, to de-clutter my head of the 7 principles, themes, projects, dwarves and Samurai. (How much more fun would this course be if we were talking about dwarves and Samurai, I wonder? What colour highlighter would I use for them?)

So herewith some old, cheery pop nonsense, which is about all I’m currently fit for.


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I've run out of books. Again.

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