The wrong government

Tuesday already? Where does the time go? I see that the last week or so of NaBloPoMo passed me by unnoticed. I think mostly I was sleeping, which is the only sensible response to this time of year. Well, that and toffee chocolate eclairs. Does anyone know why they are always wrapped in purple and gold wrappers?

So, the big question weighing on my mind at the moment is, should I join the Labour Party? It’s a bit of a surprise even to me that I’m considering it, because I’ve never paid much attention to politics at all. I wasn’t a huge fan of Tony Blair, especially after that entirely unjustified, illegal war he dragged the country into for transparently made up reasons. I thought Gordon Brown was probably pretty competent but sadly lacking in the necessary charisma for a PM. I do understand that England got rather fed up of Labour.

But in the name of all the gods, how on earth did Cameron get elected? What is wrong with you people? I think, at this point, we can entirely discount Clegg, who has successfully sold the Lib Dems out and scuppered the party’s political future for years to come, and just face the fact that it’s a Tory government. I find myself listening to This Morning and every time I hear David Cameron, or his name mentioned, I mutter ‘Cunt’. I feel it’s a fair point and well made. It’s not that I really believe Cameron would be the natural lead for the reality TV version of The Omen; but it wouldn’t come as a complete surprise either.

But oddly, the thing that really tipped me over and made me think ‘Enough’, is this proposed sale of the forests. Sale. Of the forests. Selling off the trees and open land. All of them. On the 1-What the Fuck? scale of bad ideas, this one is so terrible that it almost defies comprehension.

You just know it’s got to be dodgy because it won’t raise that much money. Couple of billion? Peanuts. And yet, no one who is actually likely to preserve and curate the land they are buying has enough money to put down in the first place. So a bunch of private investors are going to pony up to buy a load of lovely, timber rich land that has traditionally been open to anyone to wander through more or less when they feel like it, and they’re going to preserve that status quo, are they? Yeah, out of the goodness of their black, wizened, corporate-suited hearts.

Bollocks. They are going to cut, burn, dig, drill, build, tarmac and privatise and the government will let them because that’s where the money comes from.

There’s a petition to Save our Forests, of course. And, as prompted, I’ve emailed my MP. Although, I hear that email is so easy these days that it gets discounted, so I’m thinking I might write an actual letter. (As a side note, it’s interesting how communication got so easy and convenient it actually loses its value and effect. And you can see why – is anyone really thrilled to get an e-card?)

But all this is to fight a rearguard action, and doesn’t do anything to attack the real problem, which is the current government. And now that I’ve finally noticed that problem, it seems I have to do what I can to fix it, which, realistically, is very little. On the other hand, a very little power to effect change is better than none at all. And who knows, if the principle behind 38 Degrees, and Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody is true, then a whole lot of people taking their little bit of power might even achieve something.


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2 thoughts on “The wrong government”

  1. I’m going to have to go Green now I think and just reconcile myself to the fact that I’m not that fussed about ousting the royals even though the Green party is. It’s hard not to focus on what the Liberals are doing wrong (because we always criticise those we believed in more harshly right?) instead of focusing on the Conservatives larger influence, but still how are a bunch of us supposed to vote for them now?

    And surely the sensible thing to do if they really are determined to sell off the forests would be to put rigorous legal safeguards in place that protect the trees.

  2. Oh my God. Selling the forests? Yes, you must join the Labour Pary, because I can’t. (And, yes, I hate getting e-cards. For those who don’t care enough to send the very best — oh, do you know that Hallmark ad? It might just be an American thing. That was Hallmark’s slogan for years: caring enough to send the very best).

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