Run away! Run away!

Really, would it be a bad thing to hand back the keys of the flat, chuck a bag in the back of the car and drive away? The idea becomes ever more seductive the more I allow myself to think about it. It started innocently enough, of course, with the perfectly acceptable notion of moving just that bit further away from Oxford, to where rental prices get cheaper. I rolled that idea around a bit, tested it, looked at it from a few different angles. Prodded it. Put it to one side and came back to it, and finally decided it was a good one.

But I don’t think I know where to stop. A whiff of change in the air has me following the scent like a Bisto kid going home to Linda Bellamy.

How much further could I move before the cord tying me to Oxford snaps? And then what? Publishing is, mostly focused around Oxford and London. I know I’m neither moving to London, nor commuting there. A bit more testing and prodding and poking of the idea of not working in publishing. That holds up, too.

This morning I found myself idly browsing for places to rent in Penzance. Found some, too. Which led me on to further idle browsing for a job vacancy that might support a cottage in Penzance. Found one of those as well.

I’m not saying I’m going to act on any of this. But I could, though.


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I've run out of books. Again.

10 thoughts on “Run away! Run away!”

  1. Oh Penzance. I completely understand. If I weren’t tied where I am by husband and child, I would gladly run away to some remote, unspoiled spot. It’s as aspect of freedom to cherish, I think.

  2. It’s amazing just how stretchy those strings are too… I live in London and work in London, but Husband works in Lancaster and somehow that string stretches far enough!

  3. Well if you’re going to move you might as well do it drammatically, such a pain to schlep all your stuff just down the road.

  4. Litlove – Is Cornwall still unspoilt? Too many childhood memories at risk!
    Yvann – That’s pretty impressive and must require quite the effort and juggling of time. Good for you!
    Jodie – Nice and practical, ta!
    Annie – Still pending. And in these days of 24/7 remote access it oughtn’t to be too much of a problem; and the Institute of Classical Studies library will send things out by post. Last time round I ended up buying a ton of stuff anyway because I couldn’t get borrowing privileges.

  5. Cornwall is… patchy. For the most part it looks like it ever did, but some areas are really quite poor and that shows up these days. Have a good look around first; but then you would do that anyway, wouldn’t you?

  6. Litlove – Yes, I would. I think I might have to go down there for a weekend. I’ve been wanting to visit the Eden Project for ages; and I love Mousehole.

    Debby – Welcome!

    ZM – I’m sure we can find some pirates if we look hard enough. Probably some wreckers too… And if not, we’ll just drink coffee or wine and read Daphne du Maurier.

  7. Running is always a fine, fine option. I contemplate it on a nearly daily basis (Maine calls). Good luck, and I’ll come along with Zoe’s Mom to go on a pirate hunt.

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