Just another bookstack

The other bookstack was last week and I’ve read most of it. I needed more books. Plus, I’m obsessed and I got a bonus so it was imperative to fritter some money away. I gave brief thought to the idea of e-books the other morning. Every now and again awareness of them as something that people actually buy flits across my consciousness, I try to summon up some interest, fail and then I forget about them again.

Yay! More books!

St Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves – Karen Russell. Which has been on my list for ages because it’s a great title, and I think it got reasonable reviews when it came out. It has a very nice wolf on the cover, and I like wolves.

Sea Room: An Island Life – Adam Nicolson. I’m sort of opposed on principle to people who just inherit islands with puffins; after all, no one ever gives me an island with some puffins on it and I’ve done my level best to dodge the Musings family inheritance of some unpleasant Wedgewood. But, the books sounds good. And then I went to Sissinghurst earlier in the year, and the gift shop was knee deep in Nicolson, what with him being being Vita Sackville-West’s grandson. I browsed a couple of things and liked what I read, and so. Back to Sea Room.

The Tapestry of Love – Rosy Thornton. Which comes recommended by Charlotte over at Charlotte’s Web, and I’ve been waiting for a paperback.

Mortal Love – Elizabeth Hand. I think this was one of Raych’s reviews, ages ago.

Have You Anything to Declare? – Maurice Baring. A Slightly Foxed recommendation, and from what I’ve read from dipping into it so far, entirely wonderful. Snapshots from Baring’s travels in literature. It is, alas, another Faber Finds book so marks to them for putting it in print but bad! bad Faber! for putting it in such a terrible cover. There’s no excuse. None. I might have to recover it in wallpaper like we did with our school books.

Tony and Susan – Austin Wright. Nope, don’t remember why I wanted to read this but now it’s arrived and confirmed that I do.

So I would say I was going to stay on the sofa all weekend and read, but in fact I’m going to Sheffield to see a friend and to attend her belated birthday party. The last party I went to may have been New Year’s Eve 2009, so I’ve sort of forgotten what happens at them and I have no idea what one wears. On the other hand, it’s been an even longer time since my life called for anything more glamorous than jeans and heels, so that’s what it will be.

Author: musingsfromthesofa

I've run out of books. Again.

4 thoughts on “Just another bookstack”

  1. I’d buy a book with a nice picture of a wolf on the cover, too. Hope you like the Thornton. It made me want to pick up and move to France (but then there’s that whole language barrier thing. Much better just to pick up and move to England).

  2. Emily – I didn’t love the Thornton, and in fact, I had already forgotten I’d read it. Yes, picking up and moving to England would be an excellent notion! I did, however, like the title story ‘St Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves’, and I think you would too.

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