Just as I thought the road was running straight ahead for a while, there was a tiny, unsettling detour. I got called to a job interview with a company in Bath. The same day that the tenancy agreement arrived for me to sign up and pay up for the cottage in Glympton. For those who don’t know, that’s an either/or scenario, because even if I was prepared to commute to Bath, which is a couple of hours away on a straight run down the M4, Glympton is entirely the wrong starting point for that kind of journey.

I hadn’t heard from the company in Bath for so long I’d assumed it was a no-go, and I was fine with that. And, I suppose, I didn’t have to go for interview, but at the very least it’s all good practice. So I didn’t sign the tenancy agreement, and I went for the interview and I was offered the job.

This was a good thing in many ways. For a start, I had to take an afternoon off in order to get there, which knocked my working week down to 31/2 days because I’d already booked Friday off, too. When is that not a good thing? The interview itself was easy enough, but it was useful to find out that if I wanted to, apparently I could fake it as a project manager.

And then, deciding what to do in response to the offer itself was the most useful of all, because it clarified for me that I hate project management and there’s no way I want to do that in any environment; and also that, for once in my life, I’m not ready to relocate. The thought is just too exhausting. I want my little cottage and my kittens, and to learn to cook using an oil fired stove, and to live in the peaceful middle of nowhere.

I think I knew all that anyway, but it took a weekend of not thinking about it to let the truth surface. I turned down the job, and I haven’t thought twice about it since. Instead, I signed the tenancy agreement and sent off the deposit cheque and on Monday I’ll pay my first month’s rent. I’ll move on September 14. As well, all my US stuff, which was picked up by a shipping company in June, has finally shipped and should be in port by the end of August. I’ll have a bed and a sofa when I move in, which will be better than the camping out I was beginning to think I’d have to do!

As I said, a detour. A loop off the road, just to see what was down there and it turned out to be nothing so interesting after all.


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2 thoughts on “Sorted”

  1. And you prove how unexpectedly useful those little loops can be in showing you the correct road. Very glad to hear it all worked out so well!

  2. Much better to explore the loops than have that ‘What if…?’ hanging over you. Thanks, Litlove!

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